The stage used to define the exercise of individuals exchange with other persons. This is mutual exercise over the years the Internet has released up complete. New markets for persons who demand to buy from or sell to further individuals. If you have business share then it is very pleasing for the trade. Consumer is harder to define, understand and gratify than ever before. Digital technology is changing not only how, wherever and when consumers works, but is converting their expectations of and interaction with all suppliers from retailers and producers to government and values.

A survey took the pulse of almost 25000 people of claims and related in 34 countries across mature and developing asked each individual complete questions about purchasing starts performances and perceptions across 10 different product and services from food potions to consumer electronic and public services. Consumers were any asked to indicate their views on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest potential score or to give a percentage score the discovery providing further signal of the changing nature of commerce and valued intelligence into modern and future senses.


•    Type service personal: Armed with new consumer visions, group must align their whole value chain to provide a modified customer journey. Spending wether online must continue a fun and freedom activity.

•    Offer an end to end product experience: Group must deliver a positive experience across every buyer touch point counting all consumer transportations.

•    Bring consistent multi-channel package: Consumers demand constancy in pricing quality and marking across the full service net wether the mechanisms are virtual and filling.

•    Make consumer business partners: Society must focus on developing cooperative relationships with consumer and find win-win chances for acting in businesses.

•    Participate in discussion with consumer: Governments have to go back to basics and grow strong and gainful customer relations .they must involve in a different gentle of dialogue characterized by a new way of item, in neutral forms governed of different instructions.

•    Process of payments – Online expense system: Countless number of new internet based payment device have been created in new years. Dependent on mechanism the middle may have a prescribed relationship with consumers and vendors.

Advantages of C2C

•    Several people wants your goods

•    Various buy on a steady source which is good for cash run.

•    Salesman can do particular advertising for you from overall discussion

•    The chance for growth is worthy.

•  It can be very pleasing if you have a great market share. They can do particular Marketing for you just from general exchange

Disadvantages of C2C

•    Various purchase in minor quantities instead of great massive orders from trades

•    You have to service lots of operate on some times

•    Client criticisms

•    Publics providing your trade a bad expression

•    Large competition from other businesses proposing products to trades


From the above discussion depending on mechanism the middle may have a prescribed relationship with consumer and vendors.


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