Business service organizations are involved in providing wide variety of zonal or sectional businesses encourage functions. They also provide people associated to health sectors or to any social activities with professional services. Business service providers completely simplify the financial related troubles through their timely provision of solutions that are professional at the same place applicable to your businesses. Business services work out the problems of many business professionals, which could not be resolved even without getting impaired with their offered helpful services. The most valuable service provider example that the one could understand easily is ‘The Google Business Services. It provides with Google maps that are viable for business location seekers. Next, it provides you with formal and secure web tools that would be reliable for all type of businesses .Other than those applications like Google calendar, Docs can also decrease the IT costs, and on the other side, it may lead to the collaboration of employees in an effective manner at very least rate. Next Google service, which is appreciative for business people, is Godzilla business services that provide services related to marketing at the broader base and along with that, it viable for the important task of the submission of the lists constituting businesses conducted. It also provides online services to generate the business in more than one market online.

Process & Procedures of Business Services

Many business service providers have has facilitated the business generations in long term. Some business service facilitators has their emphasis on the technologies in order to empower and encourage business services to raise the bar of quality, awareness, performance and encourage commitment as well as loyalty on the global criteria so that the level of satisfaction would increase. That is the reason many business service providers have valued the use of technological tools so much so that this use would enable them in building heavy impact on business professionals as well as technology can reach the global level and find and reach new customers for them. We can take an amazing example of the Comprehensive Health Care Solution system that has been implemented across the globe in more than 100 hospitals by a well-known organization called ABSM. It is round the clock busy in providing seamless services to large-scale mediocre and small hospitals. (Racca, Pg 380, 2003)



Felix Racca, (2003), Business services orchestration: the hypertier of information technology, Cambridge University Press, Page 380

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