Brand Associations

Zippo is famous for the lighters, especially windproof lighters. Whenever people see or hear the word Zippo, they immediately recognized the brand. It has associated with Lighters, Rugged Lantern Lifestyle, Case Knives, Pens, Hand Warmer Flask, Stainless Steel Wallets, Watches, Fragrance, Campfire Carrier, and windproof Stove. The personality of Zippo reflects its nature to the core as the lighters are considered an extension of people’s behavior. It has always tried to innovate the manufacturing processes to emphasize on the designs of the products.

Brand Awareness   

Zippo knows how to interact with its audience or how to win the hearts of the customers or potential customers. In 2014, the brand had started the campaign with the hashtag #ShareThePain, which was an interactive experience for fans. The campaign was about the customers’ feedback and their long-held values regarding the company. One other reason for the campaign was that some customers had lost their Zippo lighters, so the company launched to share their stories on the website. It has also engaged with customers on the social media website ‘Twitter’ to share the pain of losing their beloved lighters. All these campaigns increase the fans of Zippo and make it the top lighter brand.

Brand Loyalty

The brand persona and the name say enough about Zippo as it is synonymous with tradition and durability that any newbie company could learn from them. It is a customer-oriented company that it has always interacted with the consumers on Zippo’s website. Zippo is the first choice of customers, because of the brand’s hard work, and the most important thing is that it promises to fix the product for free, as it has mentioned in Zippo’s tagline “It works or we fix it for free.”

Brand Assets

The products of Zippo are sell in 160 countries, which shows that how successful the brand is in the world. Zippo BLU and BLU 2 are the two most famous product designs in the lighter niche. In 2010, it purchased the Ronson brand in Canada and the United States. The company owns the Zippo Fashion Italia of Vicenza in Italy, W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. of Bradford, Pennsylvania, and Zippo Limited of London in England. Currently, the brand carries an estimated retail price that is lying in between $14.95 billion and $11893.95 billion for the 18k gold model of the lighters’ material.

Brand Elements

The founder of the brand, Mr. Blaisdell, liked the sound of the word “Zipper,” so he named it Zippo. The famous taglines or slogans of the company are “The Name in Flame,” “Zippo, for Real,” and “When you need it, it works.” The logo has changed a lot from the beginning, but the current logo is quite decent yet stylish in appearance. The letter “I” of the word ‘Zippo’ in the logo has topped up with a red fire that symbolizes the flame. The remaining letters of Zippo’s logo are in white texture, which looks elegant and attractive.

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