Brand Associations

Zara is not an unknown name in the Fashion Industry, and the values that are associated with the brand are Modern, High-Fashion, Sharp, and Trendy. It is famous for the high-quality clothes for women, men, and kids that they produce and sell. The first image that comes to the people’s mind is fast and quality fashion with low costs. Zara is also famous for quick turnarounds that it designs and produces clothes faster than the other brands, and it makes them available in the stores within two weeks. Zara offers the most fashionable, comfortable, latest, and trendy items to their customers. It is the brand for the Elite class, and it has a conventional approach in the clothes’ designs.

Brand Awareness

Zara doesn’t have enough money for advertisements, but the brand’s marketing strategy is word-of-mouth and to make fashion items available in the stores faster than any other brand. It spent a lot of money to buy storefronts next to high-profile luxury brands like Gucci and Prada, to own the tag of “affordable luxury.” Zara is obsessed with its clients, and produce clothes of the customers’ desired designs, which marked the brand as the most reliable among people.

Brand Loyalty

Zara has the most loyal customers because they keep coming back for different and new designs to maintain their fashion trends. One of the reasons for customers’ loyalty towards the brand is that the brand has a well-received exchange policy that allows clients to get back full refunds for purchased products. It targets the customers of age-group 15 to 40 years, and it has also introduced kids wear all around the globe. The clothes of Zara are using from college students to office employees, and they all are satisfied with the brand.

Zara is a customer-oriented company that competing with other high-profile names like Gucci, Prada, H&M, and Mango, but the brand has a little advantage over others that it designs clothes of the customers’ choices.

Brand Assets

The parent company of Zara is Inditex, which holds eight brands all over the globe, and it helped the newbie brand to stand firmly in the Fashion Industry. The brand’s value in 2016 was $10.7 billion, and it was ranked 53rd in Forbes’ world’s best brands list. Zara has over 2200 stores in more than seventy countries like Spain, New York City, Portugal, Belgium, and others. It doesn’t focus all the resources and assets only on in-stores services but multi-brand retail chains, too.

Brand Elements

Zara doesn’t have any slogan or taglines to attract customers because its supply-chain strategy is enough to grab the attention of the buyers. Its brand’s logo is, however, a different case. The black color in the logo symbolizes the elegance, excellence, and style. Zara’s logo is an example of a simple yet successful brand identity. The logo of the brand has criticized by many people because of its decent and general design, but it is getting success in the Fashion Industry.