Brand Associations

The airline is associated with comfort, luxury, and friendly environment for the customers. Virgin Atlantic has provided the security and consistent delivery in everything they could do to their clients. It has a fashion show and a jazz band for those passengers who are music and fashion lover, games for those who like entertainment, a library for the book readers and the massages centers for those who want to relax. Its economy’s class aims to give maximum value for money and offers space-saving seats. Except for the Caribbean, the passengers can check-in online for all flights. The passengers of the upper class get the coziest seats and beds in the airplane. Virgin Atlantic’s premium class has comfortable seats with leather covers on every seat in the aircraft.

Brand Awareness

A large number of customers has been attracted by Virgin Airlines worldwide because the brand keeps working on new marketing trends and global advertising, which eventually raises the effectiveness of the advertisement. It targets the businessmen, women, and corporate sector officials.  The Airline uses different promotional strategies like Websites, YouTube and Television Advertisements, Newspapers, Direct mails, and travel agents. Its operating income was £153.2 million, and its revenue was £2,689 million in 2016. The Airlines has managed to transform their product into an experience.

Brand Loyalty

Virgin Atlantic has developed an impressive brand’s image, and it is competing with other Airlines like British Airlines. It is the best brand because of high-quality products and uniqueness as compared to the competitors. The company always tried to understand its passengers’ needs and go beyond their expectations. Virgin Atlantic Airways expands its network via code-sharing relationships with carriers like All Nippon, US Airways, and Australian-based sister company “Virgin Blue.” It allows airlines to offer the potential passengers more destinations through selling tickets on each other’s flights.

Brand Assets

The brand’s operating bases are Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport, and Gatwick Airport (Head office). Virgin Atlantic is forming partnerships or alliances with Malaysia and Singapore Airlines, which eliminating competition and rivalry among these competitors. It provides one of the biggest tour operators in the United Kingdom. It also initiates “must ride program” for its customers, which ensures the services for cargo. Virgin Atlantic operates forty aircraft to thirty destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia from main bases. The Airline uses a combined fleet of Boeing wide-body aircraft and Airbus. The brand’s Aircraft has three cabins, which are: Economy Class, Premium Economy class, and Upper Class. It has won the Public Relations Daily Award for the Best Corporate team.

Brand Elements

When the owner of the company started his company, he didn’t know anything about the Airlines, so he launched it as Virgin Airlines. There is a tick in the letter “V,” and it came from many urban myths. The beautiful red logo of the brand has designed a handwritten signature of the word “Virgin.” The owner chooses the red color because red is a symbol of sophistication, glamour, and style.

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