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The United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, officially known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, is a sovereign country in Western Europe. It has the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel, the Irish Sea, and the North Sea in its surroundings. The UK consists of four countries which include England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. It is the 21st most populous country, having the majority of Christians.

UK is a highly industrialized country and has the 6th world largest economy by small GDP. The UK stays a high power with considerable economic, scientific, military, and political influence globally. It is identified as a nuclear weapons state. The country is a member of Commonwealth of Nations, Council of Europe, NATO, and World Trade Organization (WTO).

Development of the Region

The most noted development in the UK is the growth of service industries which include traveling, leisure-related activities, finance, and hoteling. The WHO ranked the UK as the 18th best healthcare provider in the world. The areas of management consultancy, advertising, market research, and computing systems and software have also shown rapid growth.

Britain has many cultural treasures including museums, castles, cathedrals which makes it a popular travel destination. The tourism industry of UK is a leading sector of its economy. Each year, more than 25 million people visit the country.

Competitive Advantages

The country stays on top positions in various areas among different European countries. The aerospace industry of the UK is the 2nd largest in the world. The UK is number one for international studies because they offer students with opportunities to study in their top universities.

Britain is an unchallenged worldwide leader of marine energy. There are some other areas in which the UK has no match in the world: Agricultural Science, Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, Energy Storage, and Advanced Nanotechnology.

Culture, Trade, and People

The UK is a combination of four countries, each having distinct customs and cultures. British art, literature, music, education, and architecture are significant aspects of British culture. Britain’s biggest export is the English language, which is spoken worldwide as a leading language.

The UK is the 10th largest export economy in the world. In 2016, UK exported $404B and imported $625B. The UK’s top exports and imports include cars, gold, vehicle parts, and gas turbines. The citizens of the UK are called Britons or British people. The Britons have reserved manners, speech, and dress. They are known for their politeness, self-discipline, and sense of humor.

Importance of the Country

The United Kingdom, world’s 6th largest economy, is a top country. UK is the Global Power country after the U.S. London, UK’s capital is one of the world’s most important stock exchanges. It is a place of world banks and investment.

The UK is world’s largest market for food and agricultural products. It plays an extensive role worldwide, has traditional trading partners like the U.S., its Commonwealth relationships, and many other significant relationships in Europe.

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