Brand Associations

With the commitment to improve the commonplace livings, Unilever is delivering products that are contributing to its sustainability plans. It dropped the partnerships with the companies which were destroying the rainforests and got praised by the Greenpeace members for taking this step. According to United Nations Environmental Program, the deforestation in Indonesia is getting caused due to the palm oil plantations. As a co-founder of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Unilever disclosed its plan to collect the palm oil from the certified sustainable sources by 2015. Unilever has also been promoting its brand by offering the endorsements to the top celebrities worldwide.

Brand Awareness

Unilever uses multiple promotional techniques considering the high number of competitors in the consumer goods market. Its primary means of promotions is the TV and digital media ads. The use of sales promotion such as product bundles, discounts, etc. keeps on attracting its consumers. Unilever’s famous brand, Dove launched a beauty campaign which was advertised through multiple media channels and got tremendous popularity. The company has sometimes used personal selling methods by operating the kiosks for promotional events. Unilever is an official partner of JR Motorsports. Unilever Pakistan created website for Pakistanis to watch their favorite shows online with high quality. It is also a formal sponsor of PJ VIP Tour.

Brand Loyalty

Unilever is the leading consumer goods company worldwide. It held the 56th position for the Top Regarded Companies by customers on Forbes lists. According to the estimates, over 150 million people make use of the Unilever products two billion times a day. Unilever has reached the highest level of success because it understands the real issues that people face. It also got ranked on the 7th position for the Europe’s most valuable company.  The company is on the run to satisfy the customers in various aspects of life.

Brand Assets

Unilever is a British-Dutch international consumer goods brand, headquartered in Netherlands and United Kingdom. It owns over 400 brands which sell products under the categories of food, drinks, personal care, and home care in almost 190 countries. As per 2016 results, the company’s total assets had worth of $69.13 billion. Unilever acquired several companies including Best Foods, Lipton, Brooke Bond, Chesebrough-Ponds. Some of the Unilever’s subsidiaries are Ben & Jerry’s, Hindustan Unilever, Tazo, Alberto-Culver, Grom, Dermalogica, Dollar Shave Club, Unilever Pakistan Limited, and Unilever Thai Trading Limited.

Brand Elements

In 1930, the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie and British soapmaker Lever Brothers founded Unilever. They named the company by combining both founders name Unie and Lever. From the 20th century, the company diversified its products and expanded its operations globally. The logo comprises of “U” and the brand name on its bottom. Twenty-five distinct icons, each having a rich meaning, are integrated into the form of a bunch and makes up the U. These symbols reflect the core values of the company’s brands. Unilever continues to meet daily needs for nourishment, personal care, and cleanliness with companies to help people feel and look great and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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