Brand Awareness

Under Armour is one of the best originator of the performance apparel, which main purpose is t keep athletes dry, light and cool, throughout the game, workout or practice. It is targeting everyone, women, men and youth. It bring innovation in its design and bring unique ways for keeping their customers happy. It create awareness through its segmentation and strong marketing campaign. Its brand name speaks louder, and target the audience by associating itself with multiple events, like in one of its campaign, it appreciated women businesses. It bring a social message in every advertisement, and capture huge market in United States (Under Armour, 2018).

Brand Association

Under Armour associate itself recently with women businesses, and its campaign got a big hit, across the United States and the world. Under Armour has received major success by endorsing major celebrities’ athletes and also marketing stars, has brought major success and many winning ads. It is associated itself in great level of innovation to be unique in the market, and able to gain the competitive advantage over the rivals. It provide some social messages, motivational messages and show the emotions of athletes, which linked consumers with the brand (Sutherlin, 2016).

Brand Asset

It has been said that Under Armour is able to receive immense growth in past years consecutively, because of tis unique designs and continuous dedication of it research department. Under Armour was observed to have 20% sales growth and about $4.4 billion of brand value, in 2017 (Statista, 2017). It deals in footwear, clothing, accessories and sporting equipment. It is a multinational company with its physical outlet in almost 39 countries. Its innovation is the unique asset it possess, as every time it enter in the market with a bang. It has also its app, which also helped in bringing more business and goodwill (Under Armour, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Under Armour is very popular in United States and its biggest rival is Nike. However, it was successful in making its own loyal consumers team, which helped it in growing, and encouraging it to survive in the market. Under Armour never fails to satisfy its customers, because of its technological advancement and innovation. It bring new strategies for retaining consumers, and target potential consumers by availing every opportunity which bring success, like demographic expansion or more market segmentation (Under Armour, 2018).

Brand Element

The Logo of under Armour is quite eye catching, as vertical channel logo, is the intersecting circles, which represent the Architype, which represent the power. This logo helps in positioning the brand in consumer mind. Moreover, the tagline of Under Armour has gain immense popularity which is “I Will”. This shows the athlete’s determination and motivate youth and people to show same enthusiasm for the sports (Under Armour, 2018).


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