This is the detailed brand equity analysis of Uber which is renowned ridesharing company and has been operating across the globe.

Brand Associations

Uber has revolutionized the way people travel as it offers online taxi booking service. It has eliminated the concept of hard copies of travel receipts. The ride history gets available on the app’s dashboard and the registered e-mail account too.

Uber uses the latest technologies to locate its cabs. Sometimes, drivers have to take selfies on the Uber provided devices and confirm their identity when Uber conducts its random driver checks. It deals with several payment methods including cash, credit card, Uber credits, or Uber Wallet. Uber has also provided driver/customer center helplines, etc. for feedback and ratings.

Brand Awareness

Uber depends on word-of-mouth publicity hugely to obtain market share. They relied on referral marketing and, convinced the clients to accept their free rides and services. It has also used localized marketing methods like participating in the festivals in different parts of the world.

Uber has different pricing strategies in different countries. Uber offers its passengers with promotional ride schemes in many countries. It also makes use of upfront pricing in which user can check the fair before booking. Fares are calculated dynamically by considering different factors. If there is a high demand and fewer cars available, Uber charges a premium surcharge for the rides.

Brand Loyalty

Uber is a leading company worldwide, present in over 40 countries. It is mobilizing resources in a way that the traditional taxi market could not match. USA Today named Uber its Tech Company of the Year in 2013. Uber has acquired global fame and, the most significant driver of its development and customer loyalty is Uber’s almost magical customer experience.

Brand Assets

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational peer-to-peer ridesharing, transportation network, and food delivery company. It is operating in 633 cities worldwide, headquartered in San Francisco, California. People can access its services using its website or download the mobile app. It has been a champion of sharing economy, hence referred to as Uberification.

Some of its services include UberPOOL (a cab sharing service), UberGO and UberX (a private cab ride), UberAUTO in Pakistan (an auto ride), Uber TAXI for whole-day or outstation traveling, boat service in some countries, courier package service, and UberEATS (food-ordering service). Some of its subsidiaries include Otto, Geometric Intelligence Inc., deCarta, and Complex Polygon, Inc.

Brand Elements

In 2009, Two people, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded Uber under the title UberCab. The word Uber means super or topmost, having its origin from the German word über meaning superior. With the changes in the name, the logo also underwent many modifications. The goal of changing the logo was to make it look more luxurious and modern.

The newly designed logo features a slightly abstract design which inspires the company. The bit and atom – both being the building blocks of technology and the world and, colors in the emblem convey the message of futuristic technology. Uber is famous across the world for its own futuristic and modern approach to the transportation industry.

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