Brand Associations

Tide believes in sustainable growth at all levels of manufacturing, while still delivering the outcomes you expect. It introduced specially formulated Tide Plus Coldwater Liquid that not only removes the stains in cold water but also saves the energy. The company makes bottles which are fully recyclable and contains a significant amount of recycled plastic. Tide has brought innovation to the U.S. detergent market by introducing 65% plant-based formula, Tide purclean. With Loads of Hope program, Tide helps the people going through the crisis and provides clean clothing to the community since the hurricane Katrina.

Brand Awareness

Tide always makes use of the aggressive marketing and advertising to retain its customer base. Along with TV ads, print advertisement in newspapers and magazines gets used by Tide. The company targets the families and homemakers through its commercials. It also launches promotional campaigns to give away the messages to the purchasers of the products. Tide is a chief sponsor of NASCAR cars in the U.S., also known as Tide Ride. The company has adopted the market pricing strategy and is proved to be successful in the up markets. This pricing method proved to be advantageous for Tide on the long-term basis.

Brand Loyalty

Tide is one of the laundry detergents from the FMCG P&G. It has different names like Alo in Turkey, Ace in Latin American countries, and Vizir in Poland. At first, Tide was available as the heavy-duty detergent. Now, Tide is the second most popular detergent brand sold across the globe. As per the records of 2014-2015, more than 40 million American households used Tide laundry detergent. Tide is America’s number one detergent as per the sales record. It is ruling the market in the detergent category since 70 years and is dedicatedly bringing continuous progress and innovation.

Brand Assets

Tide is a laundry detergent, manufactured by Procter & Gamble in 1946. It sells different types of products under the categories of Pacs, Liquid, HE Liquid, Powder, Stain Remover, Laundry Booster, etc. With a wide range of products, consumers have the flexibility to make choices based on their preferences. In 2017, sales of Tide recorded were $1059 million. Tide’s products are available in countries like the U.S, Canada, China, Europe, Latin America, India, Israel, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Turkey, and Morocco.

Brand Elements

The laundry chore began to advance significantly with the introduction of washing powders. This revolution presented Procter and Gamble with the chance to create a heavy-duty detergent like Tide. The company got its trademark formerly designed by Donald Deskey having distinctive and eye-catching colors. In 2008, the emblem was modified to improve the font, make the yellow circle gradient, and adjust the white area in the text. Tide not only renews the clothes but also keep their colors intact by making them bright and beautiful like its colorful logo. For 70 years, Tide has been helping you with all the laundry needs and has set the highest standards of laundry care.

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