Brand Associations

Pizza Hut made Italian pizzas with their modified version of the recipes. It specializes in Thin’N’Crispy, Pan Pizza, Hand-tossed Style, Stuffed Crust Pizzas for everyone who love to eat pizza. The first image that comes to the mind when people heard the brand’s name is delicious pizzas with crispy toppings, and a sign of red roof building in the logo of the brand. Now, they have expanded their food menu to contain breadstick, salads, pasta dishes, and deserts. It is only food chain restaurant that secured a place in the list of top 20 brands, and in India, it was the most trusted foodservice brand in 2009 for the past five years.

Brand Awareness

Pizza Hut has the highest market value in the category of food service chains and restaurants all around the globe. The marketing strategies that Pizza Hut has been using are, Television commercials, SMS services, digital marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google Website, etc.), and it connected and communicated with consumers on social media just like friends. The different and unique offers also help them to attract new customers like on Twitter, it gives away free pizza to the person who is ready to share their favorite crust stuffing.

Brand Loyalty

Pizza Hut is one of the largest chains of restaurants in the world, and it operates almost 10,000 outlays in over 120 countries. It believes in ambition, integrity, democracy, and of course in a good pizza. The line suits the brand well “Once a customer, always a customer,” because pizza lovers go again and again to the place. Pizza Hut also provides free delivery, which makes this brand more trustworthy and reliable. It shared 6.9 billion in the global market, and its sustainability is an essential part of the positive brand image.

Brand Assets

Pizza Hut also launched Pasta Hut, but it was a failed attempt because it is already rich in its heritage. It provided 120,000 free meals to the victims of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. It was the biggest U.S. retailer during the NCCA Final Four Match in 1994, and it introduced stuffed crust in 1995. The brand’s logo was connected to the central portion of the well-known Proton Rocket in 2000 and also supplied to the international space station in 2001. It has reserved all the rights of its restaurants outlays all over the world, and it also has an Android, iPad, and iPhone apps. In 2015, it got a sponsorship deal with the Dallas Stars, the American Airline Center, and the Dallas Mavericks.

Brand Elements

The previous slogan of the brand was “Your favorite, your Pizza Hut,” and its current slogan is “No One Outpizzas the Hut.” The inspiration for the logo comes from the Red Roof building. Now the brand has redesigned its logo, and in the new logo, there is a pizza-like circle with only one pinkish-red color. The Pizza Hut was addressing the new generations of pizza lovers through the new logo.

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