The Economic Times is an Indian Newspaper which is published in English-language, first issued in 1961 in Mumbai. The publishing house also has other newspaper published in other languages and for other regions as well. The Economic Times main content focuses on the economy and the financial position of different industries but it has columns related to other news as well.

The Economic Times has created an image amongst their readers of providing authentic news and being the newspaper of the intellectual readers who would want to be updated about the economic news of the country, as the name suggests. Certain elements which contribute towards the brand equity of The Economic Times include:

Brand Awareness

The Economic Times is purchased by the target marker of the newspaper every day, which says a lot about the awareness of their brand. Moreover, it is also ranked on number 2 in terms of widely-read English language newspaper around the world. It offers news about international economy and finance related news from around the world which gives it a bigger reach around the world.

Brand loyalty

The loyalty that the readers feel towards The Economic Times can be judged by the number of newspaper circulated everyday around different regions of India. According to the recent stats, almost 380,000 newspapers are published and circulated around India every day. This figure does not include the website figure as most of the readers today feel that reading newspaper online is convenient and The Economic Times has a huge number of customer bases who use their app or their website to keep themselves updated with the latest news. The loyalty is maintained because of the image that they have developed and preserved for many years now.

Brand image

The Economic Times is among the top newspapers in India, specifically in terms of financial and economic news. Also, it has a well-reputed image among the newspapers that are distributed worldwide, being known as one of the most authentic and well-known economic newspaper around the world.

Brand Assets

The Economic Times has many other sister newspapers that are published in other languages as well as of a very different domain. All of these newspapers are doing well in their own way. Moreover, The Economic Times also launched their own news channel in 2009, which has also contributed really well in adding to their assets.

Brand Elements

The logo used by The Economic Times goes with the name as well as the kind of image that they wanted to present. The brand representation is done through their logo and whenever the readers, especially their target audience see the logo, they know that it is for the newspaper which is expected to provide authentic economic and financial news. This shows that The Economic Times has been successful in developing their brand equity amongst their required audience.


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