Brand Associations

Tata Motors fulfills its social responsibility by improving the quality of life of needy people. Its involvements focus on education, health, environment, and employability impacting more than 5,80,000 lives in India. Tata Group companies are providing a significant amount of its income to Tata Trusts to fund deserving people. Tata Motors specializes in the development of innovative solutions for electric vehicles. It has introduced electric cars which runs on lithium batteries, and also electric hybrid buses.

Brand Awareness

Tata Motors has been famous for its aggressive marketing strategy. The promotional method of Tata Motors gets carried out in forms of TV ads, newspapers, and e-media. Tata Motors is an official sponsor of many remarkable events and created brand awareness through it. Tata Motors has a different pricing strategy as it has a diverse portfolio. The pricing strategy of Tata Motors handles the affluent upper class as well as the lower class. To promote its passenger cars worldwide, Tata Motors announced Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador. The company offers exclusive discounts during the festivals in India and develops a high interest among customers.

Brand Loyalty

Tata Motors has the third largest sales and service network in India. It has sold over 9 million vehicles in almost 50 countries. In India, Tata Motors is considered to be the top vehicle company. To the consumers from all around the world, Tata Motors is a brand that produces reliable, efficient and high-quality cars. The company focuses on innovation and continually work on manufacturing new vehicles with powerful technical features.

Brand Assets

Tata Motors Limited, previously known as TELCO, is an Indian international automobile manufacturing company, founded in 1945 and headquartered in Mumbai, India. The products it produces are passenger cars, vans, coaches, trucks, buses, sports car, military vehicles, and construction equipment. In 2016, Tata Motors held the 226th position on the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s biggest corporations. The company has total assets worth about $42 billion. The company has manufacturing, assembling plants and R&D centers in many areas worldwide. Tata Motors has joint ventures with Marcopolo S.A., Hitachi, and Fiat Chrysler. Some of the Tata Motors famous models are Tata Sierra, Indica, Tata Nano, and its subsidiaries include Tata Daewoo, Land Rover, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Technologies, and Lanchester Motor Company.

Brand Elements

Tata Motors is a company of the famous Indian conglomerate, Tata Group. Because of the parent-child relationship, Tata Motors has a similar logo to Tata Group. Both logos share the same color palette and the typeface, yet far from being identical. The emblem of Tata Motors has the Tata Group symbol and the word mark Tata Motors. The concepts associated with the blue and white color used in the logo include reliability, power, excellence. The automaker adopted a new brand identity in 2017 by adding tagline Connecting Aspirations. This new brand promise is supposed to imply that the company is a system of mobility solutions that are intelligent and perspective.

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