Brand Associations

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are the primary purposes of everything Surf Excel do. It has reduced a considerable amount of packaging of products and improved high-performance product formula to minimally impact the environment with their every step. Surf Excel has enjoyed the Giving Week in India. It introduced an outstanding social media initiative to help poor and needy people. The company donated Rs.11 Crores to Mumbai’s NGOs for every like it got on the Surf Excel Facebook page.

Brand Awareness

Surf Excel has been using effective marketing and advertising strategies. It heavily focuses on TV commercials, being advertised on over 300 channels around the world. Surf Excel has used posters, billboards, print media, and radio channels for its promotion. Surf Excel has been socially active on many platforms like Facebook, Twitter to build the relationship with the community. It has adopted the product line pricing method and targets premium and mid-tier customers. Surf Excel offers repeated discounts, sells products in different sizes, and follows a product-bundling strategy to promote its products.

Brand Loyalty

Surf Excel is a leading multinational detergent company. It is a brand that has always got viewed as a one who maintains superior quality. In Sri Lanka, Surf Excel won awards for the Product Brand of the Year and International Brand of the Year. It has been ruling the hearts of customers as one of the top brands in the detergent category. Surf Excel thinks that the dirt and experiences are a way to unleash human capabilities and encourage people to learn, while Surf Excel takes care of the dust and tough stains.

Brand Assets

Surf Excel is a laundry detergent launched in 1948 as ‘Surf’ in Pakistan and later in India. It is a brand of Unilever group and is available under various names. Surf Excel products are available in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India. It is one of the oldest detergents and has touched the sales of Rs.3000 Crores in a year. Surf Excel has direct coverage in more than 1 million retail outlets, a network of more than 200 suppliers and associates. Products of Surf Excel are liquid detergents, bars, and detergent powders. For machine wash, it has launched liquid and powder products in the line of Matic.

Brand Elements

In 1948, Unilever group introduced the low lather formula named Surf. The reason behind the migration of the name Surf to Surf Excel is that the Surf became famous only for the whiteness of the clothes. The company got named as Surf Excel to introduce the stain removal technology. It has the logo of a colorful stain and a wordmark of its name. Surf Excel gives a positive message by showing kids playing and helping each other, not caring about the stains that come in the way. With the baseline Dirt is Good, it has built the trust of mothers and children into the brand and helps them get stronger and ready for the world outside.

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