Brand Associations

Sunsilk started working with professional hair experts since 2009 to address multiple hair issues. Every hair professional is engaged in improving the hair formula for the relevant issue type. The world’s famous hair experts Teddy Charles, Rita Hazan, Ouidad, Yuko Yamashita, Thomas Taw, Jamal Hammadi are introducing different products for every hair problem. Top celebrities from all over the world including Madonna, Shakira, Alia Bhatt, Isyana Sarasvati, Humaima Malick has represented the brand. Sunsilk has maintained a healthy image in the market by showing care towards the society and environment. It has the association with many social welfares including world food programme.

Brand Awareness

Sunsilk has been a part of advertisements since its launch. TV advertising plays a significant role in the promotion of the brand. In Argentina, Sunsilk (Sedal) launched a magazine in 2003 to communicate to the hair professionals. A large number of copies got distributed and became an excellent source to focus on the beauty issues. Sunsilk launched a promotional campaign Good Hair Days in some major countries. It has kept on promoting its products through free samples distribution, special offers, hoardings, short films, and sponsoring significant events. Sunsilk has also introduced a social networking site in India called Gang of Girls to let its users connect with hair experts through chat rooms, forums, and blogs.

Brand Loyalty

Sunsilk is one of the best hair care brand offering its products in almost 69 countries around the world. This brand has compelling sales in the markets of Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Sunsilk holds the Guinness World Record for the most washed and styled hair in a day. What makes Sunsilk everybody’s first choice is that it is a brand which lets customers relate to its products. Sunsilk aims to offer real solutions to women’s daily hair needs and make them feel good about themselves.

Brand Assets

Sunsilk is the leading hair care company, launched in 1954 in the United Kingdom. It is the brand of the Unilever group. It is called Sedal in Latin America, Elidor in Turkey, Hazeline in China, and Seda in Brazil. In 2003, Sunsilk received a Fire Brand Award. The annual sales of Sunsilk are recorded to be more than €1 billion. It sells multiple product lines to meet needs of several hair types which include Smooth & Manageable, Clean & Fresh, Anti-Dandruff, Lusciously Thick & Long, Hair Fall Solution, Perfect Straight, Long and Healthy, Soft & Smooth, Damage Restore, and Stunning Black Shine.

Brand Elements

Sunsilk is a brand of the Unilever Group. Sunsilk’s logo has kept on changing over the time to relate to its services. The latest logo has a round shape and a pink background with word mark Sunsilk and Co-Creations on its bottom. The company is making use of advanced technology and has collaborated with a team of highly-qualified professionals. Sunsilk provides every girl with a new opportunity to live the life and feels good with healthy, vibrant, and protected hair.

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