Brand Associations

Subway showed its connection with the community by doing many positive deeds. It set a LED lighting standard to provide energy-efficient lights in its restaurants which will save electricity to a large extent. Public figures like Peter Griffin has done the endorsement of this company. Subway created a mobile sub shop for the workers during the reconstruction of World Trade Center. In 2013, it launched a fashion show in New York called Project Subway in which designers were asked to design dresses inspired by vegetables found at Subway. To feed needy people and provide job opportunities, Subway opened its non-traditional outlets in the zoo, churches, etc.

Brand Awareness

With the use of efficacious and winning content to increase brand awareness, Subway made excellent progress through digital marketing. It ran many promotional campaigns which resulted in a large number of sales and customers’ participation. Also, Subway has released an integrated application for Apple and Android smartphones. Subway gives multiple offers like get a free sub with large soda or foot long sub when it rains in Los Angeles to promote its brand. It also ran product campaigns in TV series Chuck. The company has sponsored hockey tournament, races, and many other sports events. Subway has utilized these promotional methods very gracefully and evolved into a top brand.

Brand Loyalty

Among people, Subway is the best choice which has been selling delicious and fresh subs in front of their customers following their specifications. It shows variety in the menus for various regions fulfilling their religious requirements. Subway has been getting ranked on the top positions in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 500 Franchises, Global Franchise and Fastest Growing Franchise list since 2007. Subway introduced a healthy alternative to the fast-food and has become everybody’s favorite sub shop now. It became the largest fast-food company globally with the restaurants more than McDonald’s by 2012. By 2018, Subway plans to open 50,000 more restaurants.

Brand Assets

The top submarine sandwich chain, Subway, was founded in 1965 and has headquarters in Connecticut. This fast-food company sells sandwiches, salads, paninis, wraps, beverages, coffee, juices, and baked products. Now, it has more than 44,000 stores around the world.  Subway subsidiaries are Subway International B.V., Avanti Commerce Inc., Subway Development of Northern Michigan, Inc., and Subway Franchise Systems of Canada, Ltd.

Brand Elements

Two partners, Fred Deluca and Dr.Peter Buck opened a submarine sandwich shop and named it, Subway. The meaning of the brand’s name is that you can take subs with you on the way.  The designed logo has the brand’s name on it with arrows on its corners. The standard arrows pointing out from “S” and “Y” indicates the entry and exit of Subway. The logo makes use of colors like yellow to convey the idea of richness, joy and positivity and green which stands for the freshness. These colors have a high impact on the people and convince them that not only Subway is healthy and fresh, but it is also a fast and handy choice.

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