Brand Associations

REI got a place in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s top ten list of companies in buying of cleanly-generated electricity after purchasing 11 million kWh of green power in 2006. REI started to arrange its trips through REI Adventures carbon neutral by purchasing green power credits called Green Tags. To help regional communities, REI arranges outdoor trips annually, and provide funds to restoration companies in the United States. It also plays an essential role in educating people about the environmental conservation, building trails and volunteering in the cleanliness of the surroundings. REI collaborated with an NGO, Forest Ethics to save threatened forests by exposing the companies which are behind this.

Brand Awareness

The company took a brave decision by abstaining from Black Friday and launched a marketing campaign #OptOutside. This movement urged the people to spend time outside with their loved ones. The campaign was mentioned everywhere in the country, and many other brands showed their interest to be a part of this campaign. REI knows how to connect with people so, it shares striking things about the brand over the social media channels. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube bring different benefits to the company. REI has used these mediums for aggressive advertising.

Brand Loyalty

REI know its core customers and value them. To make some efforts, REI launched a campaign Force of Nature to support women, organize events for them and introduce high-tech equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. REI has built a deep relationship with audience hence it is one of the best camp gear corporation.The #OptOutside campaign majorly raised brand loyalty among its environment-lover consumers. REI provides its members with exclusive services including coupons, discounts, shopping services, and trips. Its considerate services to other outdoor corporations and guidance to those who love camping has made a special place in the community.

Brand Assets

Recreational Equipment, Inc., generally known as REI, is an American distributor and outdoor fun and sports services company. It sells camping and travel equipment, sporting products, and clothing. It also provides outdoor-directed holidays and courses. REI is offering the retail services with 154 stores in almost 36 states.

In 2006, REI started Outdoor School in multiple areas of the US to offer one-day outings which include mountain climbing, biking, outdoor photography, and others. As per 2012 results, the corporation’s net income recorded was $29 million. It also acquired Adventure Projects Inc. in 2015.

Brand Elements

Lloyd and Mary Anderson founded REI in 1938 in Washington. They wanted to set up a co-operative to help outdoor lovers acquire good quality climbing stuff at fair prices. The company’s name based upon the category it falls in. Its logo pairs an REI and co-op word mark with the symbols. The use of pine tree and mountains in the logo evidently depicts that this corporation deals with outdoor trips. The emblem creates the feeling of adventure and enthusiasm among the people. Today, REI excels in the areas of ideas, environment, people and advanced drive.

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