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The overall value of the Red Bull is exceptionally well. Because of the best marketing strategies, it is now a well-known brand and charges the higher prices. It has launched a magazine called The Red Bulletin, and it also has introduced an application for sports news for smartphone users. The Red Bull television is also an expanded product of the brand. The brand is also involved in extreme sports like Formula One and Surfing. The founder has also created an iced tea line in Europe as a fast food chain, and its name was Carpe Diem. The Red Bull gets benefits from brand expansion as magazine support the objectives and visions of the brand, and the Red Bull also capitalizes on different markets.

Brand Awareness

The Red Bull has adopted different strategies to make its brand ahead from the other brands of the same field. Strong, favorable, and distinctive programs like Advertising Cartoons, Sports Events, Point of Purchases (POP) marketing, and Sampling Programs that helped the brand to a greater extent. It has hired the enthusiastic college students to be as Red Bull student managers, which helps to raise the popularity level among youngsters. It has sponsored different and unique events, which attracts the media coverage and enhanced the visibility of the brand.

Brand Loyalty

Initially, the Red Bull’s adopters were clubbers, ravers, and dancers. They used this energy drink to stay fresh and active at late night parties and functions. The Red Bull has gained a wide range of loyal consumers from all over the world (over 160 countries), because of its different taste, less adaptability of sugar, and stylish packing of the products from other energy drinks. The outstanding emotional branding strategies have played a major role in establishing a strong bond between this brand and the consumers. For Red bull the loyalty has equal meaning of adrenaline which ignites passion among the customers.

Brand Assets   

The Red Bull has no patents on the content of the drink because the ingredients are mention on the tin packs. It has a Content partnership with Microsoft, Event partnership with DHL as the Official Logistics Partners, and a Channel partnership with Electronic Arts (promotions of snowboard game SSX on digital media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The red bull radio is an amazing asset of the company which is famous for broadcasting the music and interviews for the adventurous audiences. Another distinctive brand asset if colors of packaging silver and blue and gold and red which attains the viewers’ attention easily.

Brand Elements

The Red Bull has adopted the catchy phrases, logos, and sponsorship to get the highest brand equity. Its slogan is Red Bull gives you wings, which is unique and attractive especially for youngsters. The first image that came to the mind about the Red Bull is the logo, which prints on the tin of the drink with blue and silver designing. The company has organized different events like Red Bull Soapbox Race and Red Bull flying day to enhance their targeted consumers.

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