Brand Associations

PUMA remains associated with the community and its customers through many ways. Celebrity endorsement is one method to promote the product and to be in the limelight. World’s fastest man Usain Bolt and fashion figures Rihanna and Kylie Jenner are currently doing the endorsement for PUMA. According to a survey done in 2011, PUMA is the world’s first big organization to have an impact on environmental conditions. This brand will make use of recycled materials to make its products. PUMA has full concentration on R&D movements and implementation of new technologies. It is the first sports shoemaker that has used the latest vulcanization production method. PUMA has a lifelong aim of becoming the most wanted sports company around the globe.

Brand Awareness

PUMA has several promotions and advertising strategies. It has launched various innovative and engaging campaigns to aware its customers. PUMA has sponsored several athletes, including Pele, Diego Maradona, Boris Becker, Colin Jackson, Linford Christie, and Michael Schumacher. Additionally, it sponsors several teams and clubs worldwide as a part of its promotional plan. PUMA made a partnership with Ducati, BMW, and Ferrari to make shoes for them. It is a former provider of Red Bull Racing. Sales promotion is a one more advertising strategy that is being implemented by PUMA. In this, various incentives are given to encourage more product purchases. PUMA is also hugely engaged with social media platforms along with advertisements in TV and magazines.

Brand Loyalty

PUMA has worked on identifying the individual characteristics related to the lifestyles and fitness potential to promote its brand. It has developed into one of the biggest shoes and Apparel Company. The worldwide sale of PUMA is over 3 billion. PUMA make efforts to add more power, art, and innovation to their designs. It operates in more than 120 countries worldwide. The company has established its name in the market and has gained loyalty from its customers.

Brand Assets

PUMA is an international brand that sells footwear, apparel, and sports accessories. Its head quarter is in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It also provides licenses to registered partners to sell eyewear, perfumes, etc. PUMA, being the world’s 3rd biggest sportswear maker, works together with its subsidiaries. PUMA offers its products under Cobra Golf, Wheat Accessories, LLC, Janed, LLC, Admiral Teamsports Ltd, Swire Resources, Speedcat SAS, Suede Holding, Inc, Blue Sea Ltd, ATA Inc, Unisol S.A, World Cat Vietnam Co. Ltd, Dobotex B.V., Liberty China Holdings, and Brandon Oy.

Brand Elements

The brand named itself PUMA in the name of the mountain lion. It has a logo of jumping cat which gives a terrific message to athletes to be courageous and inspirational. The logo depicts the company’s dynamic reputation and the longevity of its products. PUMA’s products are a clear sample of power and passion. PUMA cat and athletes share the same attributes which are speed, agility, and strength. PUMA logo is the presentation of the brand’s well-made products that have an exceptional image in the global sports mar

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