Brand Associations

It provides a wide variety of products, which includes Grooming products, Healthcare products, Baby & Family care products, Beauty products, and Fabric care & Homecare products. The company has associated with shampoos, lotions, cleaning detergents, and other products. The brand is facing a competition all around the world, from the companies with the similar products and private companies’ have also threatened the business of P&G. It manufactures 300 brands (Like, Bonus, Ariel, Head & Shoulder, Pantene, Always, etc.) and sell it to up to 5 billion consumers in almost 160 markets.

Brand Awareness

The Procter & Gamble has been successfully creating its brand awareness among the consumers all around the globe through the advertising, Word-of-mouth strategy, and CSR activities. It is ranked as the 6th largest corporation in the world and the 14th largest company that earned highest profits. The P&G spent $2.62 billion on just U.S. advertising in 2007, and it had received the advertiser of the year award in 2008. The brand had spent $4.3 billion on advertising their different brands in the United States in 2014, and it made the brand top advertiser in that country.

Brand Loyalty

The P&G targets the customers like drug stores, Pop & Moms stores, distributors and e-commerce companies, supermarket chains, and departmental stores. It mutually works with the consumers, and increases their customer service experience through this collaboration. The brand made significant efforts to make these products available to the urban as well as rural areas of different regions. Customers are loyal towards the brand because they sell these products at highest prices to civilians, and these civilian consumers’ prefer the P&G products more than any other brands.

Brand Assets

The brand is managing its all distribution channel not only through its private resources but also through the third party distributors, and it helped the brand to make itself remarkable in the market. The P&G makes its products available in the market through e-commerce sites, distributors, retailers, and sellers who are willing to re-purchase the products of the company. The overall assets of the brand were $127.1 billion, and its total brand value was $57.34 billion in 2016.  It sells its brands in over 180 countries with the help of joint ventures/business programs, which shows that it is highly successful across the globe. Almost 130,000 employees are working with the company to produce the high-quality products for their buyers.

Brand Elements

P&G is an abbreviated form of Procter & Gamble Co., and it works in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good) industry. The tagline of the brand is “Touching lives, improving life,” and it reflects in the form of high or positive brand loyalty. The Procter and Gamble produced its first radio drama serials in the 1930s, and the serials became popular as “Soap Operas.” The brand produced and sponsored a bunch of dramas in the era of 1960s. The P&G expanded into music sponsorship and joined Island Def Jam to create Tag records in 2008.

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