Brand Awareness

Pepsi is the famous brand, known by almost every individual around the world. Its red, white and blue logo has catch many eyes and attention of all ages of people. Although it is more interested in targeting young audience, and so several of their ads, in past, targeted pre-teens and teens, and more of the sports, fun, music, etc. Pepsi was not famous initially as compare to Coca cola, but it worked hard to build their strong brand equity. For this, it evolved itself, started from changing logo and designing trends, by adding some graphic elements to make it more attractive. It have strong marketing campaigns according to the interest of the people (Johnson, 2011).

Brand Association

For increasing the brand equity, Pepsi took its association into serious consideration, and worked by keeping the interest of their target market in front. It involves in sponsoring sports and musical events, like crickets and in Pakistan, Battles of musical bands etc. so that more and more people could know about them. Furthermore, they endorsed big celebrities like Britney Spears, Ray Charles, Fawad Khan, etc. so that their fans could follow the brand of their favorite artists (Johnson, 2011).

Brand Loyalty

PepsiCo beats Coca Cola and achieved one of the top position as being the loyal regular soft drink or soda brand. Coca Cola and Pepsi, continuously find for this positions, as being strong rivals. Pepsi has strong and large force of loyal customers, who do not prefer substitutes. This could be possible because of its aggressive innovation and marketing, with the objective of increasing the excitement level, and its efforts give it a return, by ranking in the top spots in 2016. Pepsi’s emoji idea was one of the unique execution, which become favorable for it. Research and development department of Pepsi continuously engaged in bringing some new innovative ideas for strengthening the brand equity (Trefis, 2016).

Brand Asset

Pepsi deals in carbonated drinks, non-carbonated drinks and water. It has great product portfolio. In carbonated drinks, it offers; Pepsi water, Pepsi diet, Pepsi max, Miranda Vitamin C, Miranda citrus, Miranda green apple, 7up, 7up free, Mountain dew, and Shani. In non-carbonated drinks, it offers; Lipton ice tea lemon, and Lipton ice tea peach, and in water it has Aquafina. Pepsi, worked for its portfolio with all the suitable and appropriate marketing strategies and tactic, to build the stronger brand equity (PepsiCo, 2018).

Brand Element

Pepsi consistently work on its brand elements and evolution of its logos is an evidence for this. It slowly and gradually grew, and change its slogans, so that people could easily remember it. Pepsi used jingles, like music in latest ads and sponsored many musical events. Its packaging is modern and sleek, and easy to hold for the customers. Pepsi is serving according to the needs and demands of the customer, to increase their utility level (Trefis, 2016).


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