Brand Associations

Nokia is an authentic, well-known, and reliable brand. It has a traditional and unique value, and it is synonymous with mobile handsets. It has a strong market presence, strong brand, and a product that is easy and intuitive to use. The strong competitors of Nokia are Apple, Google’s Android, Sony-Ericsson, Htc, LG, Motorola, and Samsung. The brands like Samsung and others have introduced new features in mobile phones, but it is still difficult for them to reach the level of Nokia in mobile designs, layouts, and technology in handsets. It builds positive associations with its channel members, and also affects the purchasing decision of the potential consumers.

Brand Awareness

Nokia has a significant positive brand image as compared to its rivals. It has the highest top of the mind recall compared to its competitors. The customers acknowledge Nokia for its service. The common perception of the buyers towards the brand is also positive. In 2012, Nokia’s global market share was 22.5% in the first quarter, which was 2nd highest after the Samsung. It has focused on everything from the marketing like it focuses on both rural and urban areas of the world, and it targets the audience of the age-group of 22-50 years. It has all three type of consumers; high, medium, and light users.

Brand Loyalty

Nokia’s perceived quality is quite high in the mobile phone category, and it stands at the highest level because of the affordable prices and quality of the product. Customers who already have a Nokia mobile handset are willing to buy again of the same brand’s mobile handsets even by paying the highest price. It is a truth that the Nokia consumers are loyal towards the brand, and they stood side by side even in the hard times of Nokia, too. It helps in attracting new buyers by creating the brand awareness and reassurance in the brand. Nokia uses this loyalty factor to respond to the threats posed by the competitors.

Brand Assets

Nokia has over 100 small and large patents in the area of technology and research. This technology factor helps the company with a competitive advantage by restricting competitors to capture its customer base and loyalty. It is more of a strategic branding strategy to face the competition. Nokia has more than 130,000 employees across over 120 countries and sales in over 150 countries. The first ever mobile filmmaking project was the Nokia Productions, which was directed by Spikes Lee. The film making project began in April 2008 and was ready for the premiere in October 2008.

Brand Elements

The name of the brand is Nokia which is simple and easy to remember as a brand. It has a tagline “Connecting People” which fits well with the business that Nokia is into and the strategies that Nokia wants to use for itself in the upcoming future are as same as before.  Nokia has been using this slogan since the 1990s. It has used unique and easy-to-remember cell phones names like Nokia Lumia and Windows phone.

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