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Nirma’s overall perceived value is higher as compared to HUL, Tide, Sunlight, and others. Its market share in the specific niche is 30%, which is quite encouraging. Nirma has introduced different products like Detergent Powder, Detergent Cake, Consumer Products (Salt and beauty soaps). It has used the Mix strategy, which is 4 Ps; Product (or service), Place, Price, and Promotion. The use of mix strategy, Nirma has become a No. 1 brand not only in India but also in Asia. The brand focused on quality, design, features, brand name, packaging, sizes, services, returns, product variants, discounts, allowances, payment period, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, distribution channel, coverage, assortments, inventory, and transport of the products.

Brand Awareness

Nirma has apprised that the brand awareness is the main component in achieving the brand equity. It uses the ad campaigns, which was successful among all over India. In its advertisement, it has reiterated the brand again and again so that people remember the name. Its brand mantra is Better products, Better Value, Better Living. It successfully competes with other deterging brands of India like HUL. The brand name has become synonymous with the toilet soaps and low-priced detergents.

Brand Loyalty

Nirma is a nationally recognized brand of detergents and washing powder in India. It has loyal consumers all over India because of its marketing strategy of value for money, affordable prices, and best quality of detergents products. People tend to attract towards the brand who provides consistent quality products, and Nirma is successful in it. Due to the successful ad campaigns, Nirma sells over 800,000 tons of detergent products per year. It uses the Backward Integration Strategy, and this is the reason Nirma’s products are available not only in urban areas but in the rural areas of India, too. 

Brand Assets

The founder of the Nirma is Karsanbhai Patel, a famous entrepreneur and a philanthropist of Gujarat. He started his career as a one-man product and one-man outfit from a small room in 1969. Now, it is a group of companies and has reserved all the proprietary rights of the brand. Lafarge Holcim is an international construction material & solutions company in the USA. Nirma has agreed to sell the Lafarge’s cement in India, which is worth of 11 million tons at an operational cost of $1.4 billion. Nirma registered the sales of over $1.1 billion in the fiscal year 2016 with over 12 manufacturing facilities in the USA and India.

Brand Elements

The first thing that came to the mind about Nirma is the catchy advertisement jingle “Sabki pasand Nirma,” which is still using for the last 49 years. Another symbol of the Nirma is the little girl twirling around her white frock on the packaging cover of the washing powder. Nirma is the name of the founder’s daughter, and it is a short form of Nirupuma. He lost his daughter in a car accident, but his firm will and determination made his daughter’s name famous throughout the country.

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