Brand Association

Netflix has highlighted itself as an innovator in the entertainment Industry. Its brand value is phenomenal, which is $5.6 billion. Its subscribers from all over the world are increasing day by day. It offers services like online streaming and DVD by mail at a reasonable price in 190 countries. Netflix has extended its brand, and it has created an application, named, Flixchat. It will be advertising the essential message, logo, name, and packaging. Netflix has produced and debuted its original movies on the big screens. It signed a deal with the theatre chain iPic Entertainment that they will release 10 of the Netflix’s movies.

Brand Awareness

Netflix is an internationally recognized brand that provides streaming services like Television shows, seasons, movies, and much more related to the mass media. It knows who its audience is, and what do they want. It uses the cross-promotional programs, Theatre Tickets, Commercial and Radio spots, Banners & popups, Netflix affiliate program, and social media platforms like Twitter to publicize the brand. It also uses tongue-in-cheek phrases to attract the subscribers. It has offered one-click convenience to the subscribers, which makes it one step closer to the success.

Brand Loyalty

Netflix has an audience of every age group including the teenagers. It has an active Twitter account, where it makes sure that everyone knows what’s exactly going on. Brand Loyalty is an ultimate goal for the Netflix to maintain the standards of its services, and to stay in the competitive market. Majority of the Netflix users are loyal to the brand, which means that they don’t subscribe to any other streaming services like HBO or Hulu. It has almost 53 million U.S. domestic subscribers, which is four times greater than Hulu. The interesting fact is that even the HBO or Hulu subscribers pay for the services of the Netflix. Almost 80% of the brand’s subscribers are paying for Netflix, which is exceptional.

Brand Assets

Netflix is an American Global online streaming services brand, which was established in 1997 by Hastings. It has bought the American rights, and it has portrayed various legal controversies and issues successfully. Most of the Netflix’s contracts with patents and rights owners are private, but Netflix gets baffled in 2014 when one-third of the Canadians used VPNs (virtual private networks) and proxy services to access the American site of Netflix.

Brand Elements

Netflix is indeed an authentic and sustainable brand built with the strength of human spirit. A seven letter word mark written with silver in red box did an amazing job to catch the viewers’ attention on their home screen. But now it has introduced a simpler and slimmed down logo with only letter N which is red in color. This brand symbol is unique and bold and unifies the output of Netflix across 50 countries of the world. This new logo will definitely give new life to Netflix social media apps. The phrase Netflix and Chill has become popular among all over the virtual world, which is the abbreviated form of “would you like to watch Netflix and chill out?” The brand marks of the Netflix are Television seasons, Shows, Movies, and short viral videos.

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