Nestle is one of the most famous company across the globe, which was established with the effort of four brothers at Switzerland in 1866. From then till now, they continuously worked hard to build the strong brand equity and relationship with the customers, and make it one of the top food company across the world. It deal in beverages, pure water, pure milk and baby food. It is able to make reliable and strong relationship with its stakeholders, which helped it a lot in achieving strong brand equity.

Its brand equity is usually categorized by the target segment and market, which include yogurt, cereals, coffee, beverages, water, ice cream, kit Kat, Opt Fast, chocolate, instant food, nutrition food, frozen food, healthcare nutrition, baking food, refrigerator products, eye care and pet care products. All these brands are interlinked and are competitive in their respective markets. One of the main reason for the strong brand equity of Nestle is that, it is always able to satisfy its consumers, and work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Its brand performance is remarkable because of brand strategy which shared values and innovative ideas in the business with the help of corporate brand. It enhanced and protected the sustainability of the business and deliver best quality products. It applies famous quality management theories to maintain its quality system (Haseeb, 2015).

The basic concept and motive of nestle is “Good food for the good life”, hence, nestle prioritize the society and environment benefits. Nestle is successful in creating the environment of purity, integrity and honesty in every segment of the industry it is operating. Moreover, management of nestle is very cooperative and completely understand its role in building brand equity and maintaining it. Employees of the Nestle are dedicated and give their best efforts to the success for the company in recent few decades. They have effectively used marketing and advertisement tools and offered fastest consumer products. Nestle is also fortunate in achieving potential consumers with brand loyalty across the world, and are willing to purchase nestle without any risk or fear. Its employees are always engage in eliminating minor errors in their process and products so that consumers do not have to face any issues.

In addition to this, nestle keep all its stakeholders happy and build stronger relationship with them, this is why, all its suppliers are willing to work with it. Nestle captures the market with great care and segment its market with much attention. All its strategies and objectives are coordinated well with all employees and in all departments of the company. Its research and development department work hard to not to fail any new product launch in the market by focusing on all new product developmental stages (De Mooij, 2013).

Nestle is one of the big and famous brand, which is famous internationally, and able to capture the large market share and become the market leader.


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