This the detailed articles which will analyze the brand equity of Nescafe via different factors.

Brand Associations

Nescafé is attached to the people and the environment through its products and work. Nestlé launched a Nescafé Plan in 2010. The purpose of this plan is to improve coffee farming, production and utilization methods throughout the procedure. Following Nescafé Plan, agriculturalists created modern tools for farmers to protect the environment, increase growth and improve the quality. Nescafé has also introduced technical training programs for farmers to improve farming practices. It makes use of safe packing which keeps products intact for a long time. Nescafé cares about everyone associated with it hence it provides funding schemes to farmers for better life and education system.

Brand Awareness

Nescafé promoted its brand to appeal more coffee drinkers from the whole generations. It made promotions from marketing campaigns of giving red mugs to painting an airplane into red color in Ecuador. The TV advertisement, Gold Blend couple, also played a central role to attract young coffee fans. Nescafé ran a campaign in 2009 focusing on the coffee’s quality with a tagline Coffee at its brightest. Nescafé gives free samples with other products, uses print media channels and social media platforms to connect with the world. Nescafé signed a sponsorship deal with Bauer Media and its morning shows. Magic 105.4 plays out Nescafé ads at the start of its program and announces many prizes for competition winners.

Brand Loyalty

Nescafé is the world’s top coffee company. It has almost 170 different variants available globally. Around 4600 cups of Nescafé coffee gets consumed every second in the world. It got great success during World War II when US Army preferred drinking this coffee over others. Nescafé got ranked on 25th position for the most valuable brands in the world. It made sales in 2009 of over 10.78 billion. Later, it got reintroduced with a brand name Nescafé Taster’s Choice. Nescafé gives people flexible choices to drink coffee having the energy and an excellent taste.

Brand Assets

Nescafé is the world’s 2nd largest beverage company. Its headquarters is in Switzerland. It comes in various forms, from premium to non-premium items. Nescafé launched the new coffee machine, Dolce Gusto in 2006 which can be used to make many types of coffees. Nescafé sells products including CLASSIC, AZERA, SUNRISE, 3in1, FRAPPE, CAFE MENU, CAP COLOMBIE, ALTA RICA, KENJARA, DECAF, ESPRESSO, CAPPUCCINO, GREEN BLEND, Blend 43, GOLD, SHORT BLACK, and PROTECT.

Brand Elements

Nescafé is an instant coffee brand of Nestlé Company. This brand is named Nescafé from the combination of the words Nestle and Café. A French advertising company designed the logo with complete brand name on it. In the logo, N’s stroke covers every letter to show unity and the use of bold and influential letters represent the strength of its quality. From the beginning, the logo kept on getting modified mostly regarding color scheme. With a tagline It all starts with a Nescafé, the brand stimulates and refreshes the people right from the first sip to make their day amazing

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