Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that develops and sells software, consumer electronics, personal computer etc. Microsoft is that company that has worked immensely on developing its brand name over the years with introducing improved services as well as innovative products. Today, it enjoys high brand equity and that can be analyzed by these factors:

Brand Awareness

Microsoft has been in the industry for a very long time now and it has taken them all those years to gain more awareness for their brand and today, it is obvious that Microsoft has gained its share of brand awareness around the world. They have worked to gain this awareness though, through different campaigns and building up their brands. The brand name of Microsoft is enough to appeal the consumers towards the new products, which shows that it has high level of brand awareness. One of the highlights includes their interactive mobile campaign to increase awareness for their improved products and service. This campaign for sure, increased their brand awareness.

Brand Loyalty

With its competitor like Apple, whose brand loyalty cannot be compared to any other brand, Microsoft somehow loses in this category to Apple. While Apple’s consumers are blindly loyal to the brand, Microsoft’s competitors are more towards analyzing the brand in terms of its offerings and innovation and then choosing the brand. However, it cannot be neglected that Microsoft has managed to build up a strong loyal consumer base who want to be associated with the brand once using it. It is because of the quality of their offerings and their constant struggle to bring innovative offerings for their consumers that help them retain their loyal consumers.

Brand Image

While most people consider that Microsoft has lost its cool image to Apple, it has been negated by a recent poll conducted for the age group 18 to 29. Most of these people think that Microsoft has been able to regain its cool image in the past few years. It is believed that it has been possible because of recent marketing campaigns and product innovation like ‘Surface’ that has helped the brand regain its brand image. However, apart from this poll, it is evident that Microsoft also shares an image of being forced on consumers, with its incorporation in most of the software present today. While this image can harm the brand, it has not been able to harm the image for Microsoft in the past years at least.

Brand Assets

Being in the technology business for so long, Microsoft has developed some strong brand assets that increase the value of the brand. These assets include the technological infrastructure that is developed over the years. Most importantly, the brand name of Microsoft is the biggest brand asset because of the kind of reputation that is attached to it.

Brand Elements

The logo of the brand is identified by people all around the world. Microsoft has been there for so long that it was operating in monopoly at a time, which gave the company a first mover advantage. Despite Apple gaining most of the shares, Microsoft still maintains its position in the minds of the consumers and people all around the world are able to recognize the brand logo.

Brand Associations

For a very long time, Microsoft was associated with the basic technological need but then many other competitors came in. It is a fact that Microsoft is still something that is needed in most of the software to run, so it is sometimes associated with something that is forced on the consumers to buy and use but at the same time it is necessary for the consumers as well. However, these kinds of associations have been changed with Microsoft’s innovations and marketing strategies and people have started associating Microsoft as essential ‘cool’ brand again.


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