Brand Awareness

Currently, McDonalds ranked on the 6th position as world’s most important brand and observed as the most visited fast food restaurants. The main focus of McDonalds is United States, and prefer to spend higher portion of budget there and introduce their new products and test their innovation. But as being a global fast food chain, it create awareness in every country according to the traditions or cultures. For example, in America, it target children, but in Pakistan, it target youth and family. It introduces different products in different countries, as in India, it introduced “potato Patty” burger. It create awareness by sponsoring many sports event and entertainment events (Gadsden, 2014). 

Brand Association

McDonalds is heavily associated with its brand because of its product category; fast food, fries and burger, etc. it has high score in terms of branded products items name, like big mac, French fires and many others. It is associated as cheap meals, affordable for the consumers. McDonalds offer “Make your own meal”, which has become the positive gaining point for it and many consumers started to shift to McDonalds. It offerings for toys for children is the best strategy they have come across, as many kids only prefer McDonalds because of toys they get (Ansett, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

McDonalds is successful in gaining strong brand loyalty from its customers, as in all over the world its fries and kids’ meal are famous, and as its kids are its main customers. Moreover, people who do not willing to change their taste and do not want to switch on other burgers, they prefer burgers. Moreover, for retaining its customers, McDonalds, also introduced fried chicken and other flavors of burgers so that customers could enjoy new meals (Mialon, Zhang, Lungyeki, Chaarani, and Essafi, 2017).

Brand Asset

McDonalds is one of the most powerful brand in the world, with having $97.72 million in United States worth value (Statista, 2017). Its main assets are its employees and secret recipe of their sauces and burger patties. Moreover, its shakes has much preference of people. Moreover, its 3 times of meals, has gained enough attention of people, who prefer McDonalds for different timings.  

Brand Element

McDonalds has greatly laid emphasis on its brand element, because of gaining competitive advantages, as there are many rivals in the industry, and McDonalds has to retain its brand image among all. Its specific McDonald statue is one of the major focus. It advertises in every country according to their own customs, as in Pakistan it promoted its chapli burger with truck art displays. Moreover, sponsoring different entertainment and other advertisement strategies helped it a lot in gaining brand equity. (Mialon, Zhang, Lungyeki, Chaarani, and Essafi, 2017).  


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