This is the detailed brand equity analysis of Marlboro which is renowned America brand  owned and manufactures by Philip Morris USA.

Brand Association

Marlboro’s branding strategy built the mental association, created a feeling and pushed all the benefits. It is known for product placement in movies and motorsports events like Formula One. Whenever men heard the name Marlboro, a very first image that pops up into their mind is the independent, rugged Marlboro Cowboy who has got the masculine soul. Marlboro Cowboy’s advertisement was a breakthrough in achieving the brand equity in the mid-80s. It became the no. 1 selling brand after that campaign as men feel more confident after buying Marlboro cigarettes.

Brand Awareness

Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes, initially meant for women. It has redesigned as a masculine brand in the late 1950s. It has targeted metropolitan cities all over the world for advertisement. The usage of controversial ads and product-class-positioning strategy has created the long-lasting image of the brand. It was aware of its competitors like Mild seven, Winston, etc. and has managed to stay ahead of them throughout its business life. Due to the health risks, the government has enforced laws on the tobacco industry. Marlboro has changed its outer packing of the cigarette packs, which highlighted the negative impact of smoking. It has introduced more products, which divided into three categories and these are: Fresh Line (flavored cigarette), Flavor Line (red/full flavor cigarette) and Gold Line (light cigarette).

Brand Loyalty

Marlboro has perceived as the best cigarette brand among customers all over the world (over 180 countries). It doesn’t need to use marketing strategy anymore because it is already well-known among smokers and non-smokers, Marlboro has achieved its brand equity because of the consumers (youngsters, middle-aged, and old men), who are loyal to the brand. For increasing the potential customers globally, it uses the differentiated targeting strategy. It has got young, free, and adventurous consumers who love to live on the edge. It targets high-middle class customers especially men. Marlboro sold approximately 2671 million cigarette packets every year.

Brand Assets

Marlboro is the name of Tobacco Company, which is produced by Phillips Morris Inc. All the proprietary assets belong to Phillips Morris, and nobody sells cigarettes of the same type. However, Marlboro has removed its name from the cigarette packs in Canada, because there was also a Canadian tobacco brand same as Marlboro. It has used the strategy of No Name trademark, which worked well in Canada and increases the sales of the brand.

Brand Elements

Marlboro defines people who make their own way. The brand symbol has beautiful offered people with the emotional benefits and heritage they love. The packaging is indeed an important part of its brand equity. The red and white design along with Marlboro man gives a universal recognition to the brand and the same is used in their marketing strategies. The man getup depicts adventure and independence. It has introduced Marlboro 2.0 in 2013, which looked more stylish and iconic. It offers a high-quality product at reasonable price. Men believed that the Marlboro sells lifestyle, quality, and freedom which comes with the brand if they consume these cigarettes.

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