Maggi is the brand of the parent company Nestle, which has products all around the world. They have various brands under the brand name, Maggi. It is a well-known fact that Maggi has developed high brand equity for itself because of following factors:

Brand Awareness:

The brand awareness for Maggi has been contributed by the expansion of the brand in other countries all around the world. The extent of brand awareness present for Maggi can be analyzed by the fact that it has now become an essential for household and when explaining the product noodles in the kitchen, consumers have started using the brand name ‘Maggi’ instead. When a brand name becomes this kind of term used in everyday life of all the consumers around the world that means that it has achieved the level of awareness it was aiming for.

Brand Loyalty:

Since Maggi has been there in the market for a very long time now, it has been in the households around the world for decades now and for some consumers it has been part of their diet for generations. This says a lot about the kind of loyalty that the consumers hold for the brand. Maggi has been evolving in terms of brand, introducing new product forms, changes in the branding, and the loyal customers have been evolving with the brand as well and have been adapting to the new changes. The reason why it has been able to gain the attention and the target market in the first place was because it succeeded in identifying the needs and demands of the consumers. Since, they were looking for instant food at that time, people adapted the product and it has been part of their lifestyle for years now.

Brand Image:

The kind of image that Maggi has been portraying for many years now, through their advertisements and other brand campaigns, is that it is instant food that can be cooked in two minutes. The kind of delicious image that is portrayed by Maggi in advertisements has been stuck in the consumer’s mind and has been successful in capturing the attention of the customers. Moreover, most of the consumers remember Maggi as food prepared in two minutes which shows that Maggi has been successful in placing their brand in the right form in the consumers’ minds.

Brand Assets:

Maggi has a huge, diverse range of product portfolio which is manufactured and sold in many countries around the world. This counts as their biggest asset after their strong brand name, which is identified by millions of people today. Moreover, their presence in more than hundred countries today with their strong distribution channel is also one of their strong brand assets.

Brand Elements:

The color of the brand is very famous amongst the consumers present around the world. Their packaging as well as the brand logo is also identified by most of the consumers which builds up their strong brand equity. Their advantage is that the logo contains the brand name which makes it even easier for consumers to identify and remember the brand as well as the logo.

Brand Associations

Maggi is associated with instant food, because of the branding done by the company and people associate it with hunger and good instant food that is prepared in two minutes. Moreover, people also associate the brand with different celebrities all around the world, which add up to the overall brand equity.


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