Brand Awareness

KFC is the famous, multinational, fast food chain in almost every country. Every individual is aware about the existence of KFC. It is an acronym of Kentucky Fried Chicken, popular for meals that can be cooked at homes but still it is famous for its chicken pieces. It is able to attract many customers through accurate usage of media channels. In Pakistan, people call every chicken piece as KFC. KFC is able to create its awareness because of it franchising strategy, and this helps it in geographically expansion (Haseeb, 2016).

Brand Association

KFC has been associated with many famous celebrities, for brand endorsement. It sponsor many events and entertainment events, like movies and PSL, for loudly communicating with audience. It also offer new, unique and very attractive meal deals, which are very affordable for people. Their prices are worth for every bite, as no other fast food chains are able to offer such tasty fried chicken. It conglomeration with PepsiCo in United Kingdom has able to gain the large target audience of the country (Drum, 2017).

Brand Asset

KFC is offering a great number of products, and continuously adding more meals in the menu. It is famous for fried chicken pieces, but also offering twister, burger of different types, hot shots, rice, and now it added peperoni burger, slushes, and traditional burgers according to the country they are running like in Pakistan it offered chapli kabab.  Moreover, it has over 18000 franchises in almost 115 countries. Its biggest asset is its secret recipe of sauces and fried chicken, which is kept secret from past many year (Haseeb, 2016).

Brand Loyalty

KFC is able to gain strong brand loyalty across the world, as it target every segment, from children to adults, youth to whole family and group of friends. Because of its maintenance in quality, taste and new meals in menu, and affordable prices, it is able to gain much attention of the people. However, it is competing with McDonalds, but still loyal customers do not switch to other fast food. It intelligently approach the marketing strategies to position itself in the mind of consumers for the long run (Drum, 2017).

Brand Element

KFC is famous in every workplace, homes and food events in almost every country. Its tagline “finger lickin good” is very famous and they really proven it with their taste. This tagline present the emotional state and associate the KFC with building stronger relationship with consumers. Its logo with Colonel Sanders is memorized by every individual, which is a plus point for KFC. It try to improve its packaging for delivery and take away so that consumers would be able to have the same fresh hot chicken taste (Spary, 2015). 


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