Founded in 1987, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. Their ICT solutions are now available in almost 170 countries which show that they have expanded and grown in all these years. The brand is valued by consumers around the world and its brand equity or perception in consumers mind can be analyzed by the fact that Huawei was ranked at number 88 in the Forbes 2017 list of World’s Most Valuable Brands. However, brand equity of Huawei can be recognized through following aspects:

Brand Awareness

Huawei was just introduced in China in the start. Soon after its success in China, it started to grow and expand in other regions around China. Today, after decades of growth in the technology industry, Huawei is at this position where it is present in almost all parts of the world. Although this was not a smooth journey for them and they got the most recognition in the last decade when technology has really become a part of everyone’s life. So with so much competition that exists today, Huawei being one of the most valued brands in the world explains the extent of brand awareness they enjoy.

Brand Loyalty

Most of the customers of Huawei have always been loyal to them. Their customer base has grown a lot in the last decade and the reason why customers have become loyal to the brand is them providing the technology solutions just as competitors but at a lower price. Since they are competing on the basis of lower price, they are able to consistently sell products to their target customers, who then become loyal to the brand.

Brand Image

Huawei has been working to develop its image across the world through different marketing campaigns. It is noted that the company always comes up with innovative campaigns, specifically some picture implicitly making a point about the brand that grabs the attention of most customers. Through these campaigns, Huawei has been able to build an image that stays in the minds of the consumers.

Brand Elements

Huawei’s logo has gained popularity, specifically in the past decade. Now, as they have worked on providing products that fulfill the needs of the customers, they have increased their profits to a large extent. With more brand awareness, people are now identifying the brand through its logo, which is a proof of the fact that Huawei now enjoys relatively higher brand equity than before. However, in terms of mobile phone companies, its brand equity is still very lower than other competitors in the market. It is still one of the few Chinese brands who have gained popularity around the world.


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