Developed in 1873, Horlicks is a malted milk founded by James and William Horlick as food for infants. It was the first malted milk to be patented. Later, they started advertising it as food for travelers and aged people as well and since it was high calorie food supplement and non-perishable, the mountaineers started taking it with them on expeditions. So Horlicks was very popular in the world wars too, both for the army as well as common people. The brand grew and was later acquired by GlaxoSmithKline group. Since then, they have introduced various new products and have expanded in many other countries as well.

Since the brand has been in the market for more than 140 years, it has developed popularity for itself among their target customers and it is safe to say that Horlicks enjoys high brand equity. This can be analyzed through these factors:

Brand Awareness

Horlicks has expanded in so many countries while introducing many new and improved products. This also meant that they were aiming for a wider target market and targeting a new age or income group through their new products. They have also had some remarkable and unforgettable brand campaigns in various countries. All of these strategies grew their brand awareness around the world. Horlicks has also been included in the World’s Most Valuable Brands list a couple of times, which proves that it has a wider reach and awareness in the world.

Brand Loyalty

Since the brand has been there for more than 140 years, this means that the consumers have been able to associate with the product and brand and have been able to maintain long term relationship with the brand. It is a fact that Horlicks has developed a loyal customer base as was the aim of the company and it is a brand that people trust and people have developed a certain amount of association with.

Brand Image

Though Horlicks has many different kinds of products but the basic product has remained the same, with just improved formulas and packaging. But mostly Horlicks is known for its instant malted drink that is popular among the mothers who want their kids, especially teenagers, to have this food supplement that is important to their growth. This is because Horlicks has developed and maintained this image for itself for many years through advertisements and the brand is now imagined as something that aids or is important for physical growth of children.

Brand Elements

The logo and the packaging have changed various times since the introduction of the brand but the basic idea behind the product has remained the same. This is the reason why it is advertised in the same way as well. By doing so, they have developed an image that is identifiable for the consumers. The logo or the basic idea behind the logo has remained similar to the previous ones, which has also stuck in the consumers’ minds making the brand recognizable and rightly positioned in the consumers’ minds.


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