Hindustan Unilever Limited is an Indian consumer goods company with its headquarters located in Mumbai. It comes under the banner of the world renowned company called Unilever. Unilever changed its name to Hindustan Unilever, considering the nationalism that was present in India when it was entering the market. By adding the name of the country, the company made the consumers feel that everything was made in India, which was true because the manufacturing unit is in India, and sold the products under the name of their country ‘Hindustan’.

It has around 35 brands which are manufactured and distributed all over the country. With its heritage of 85 years in India, HUL has gained very high brand equity and certain elements determine that:

Brand Awareness

Since Hindustan Unilever is involved in the manufacturing of wide range of consumer goods as well as beauty care, the product portfolio is too wide. With so many brands under the company, one of their products is present in every fifth Indian household. With its extensive distribution network, the products are available at each corner of the country. This adds up to their awareness and increases their customer base.

Brand Loyalty

Hindustan Unilever has been in the Indian markets for many decades now, and when that happens with a brand, it is most likely to have developed a very strong loyal customer base. This is true for HUL as well as its products are being used by consumers for generations and most of them are passed down to generations. Moreover, the products are consumer goods so they are mostly purchased in the form of repetitive purchase by most of the customers.

Brand Image

Hindustan Unilever has been able to gain such a loyal consumer base because of the kind of image that it has developed and sustained for all these years. Its image depicts quality, persistency, and commitment. This is added to the trust that the customers have with its products. It is consistently ranked very high in terms of most trusted brands in India which shows that is the image that they have developed in the minds of their consumers.

Brand Elements

Most important part of its brand elements is their logo for sure, which is same as other Unilever units all around the world. So the logo is its main identity around the world. Even with such diverse product portfolio in so many categories, consumers are able to identify the company HUL just through its logo.

To add more to their brand equity, Hindustan Unilever has gained high ranks in all the surveys related to quality and trustworthiness. Just recently, four brands that are manufactured under HUL made it to the top 10 of the most trusted brands in the past year. This says a lot about their consistent brand equity in India for almost 80 years now.


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