Harley Davidson was founded in Wisconsin in 1903 and is an American motorcycle manufacturer company. Today, it is considered as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. The company is too old but has managed to survive much political and economic turmoil. Harley Davidson is known all around the world and has been growing since its establishment. However, it has shown massive growth in terms of revenues and global expansion in the past two decades. They also strategize to grow even more in the next ten years in terms of new products as well as grown network of bikers.

Brand Awareness

Since the brand is very old and has been through a lot in terms of controversies as well as success, the brand awareness just keeps on increasing for them. Mostly, when the brand is a few decades old along with being a global brand, it faces growing recognition with passing years. Same is the case with Harley Davidson, which first was just introduced in America but is now known worldwide as the largest manufacturer of motorcycle, which is enough evidence of their global brand awareness.

Brand Loyalty

Harley Davidson network believes in growing the bikers’ network around the world. By introducing this term and focusing their strategies according to the needs of these bikers, they have been able to gain a wide customer base that is loyal to the brand and also want themselves to be associated with the brand. The brand fulfills this need by making a network of bikers around the world. So this is no understatement that they have gained loyalty of most of their customers and they also focus their strategies to grow this network of their bikers in the next ten years.

Brand Image

A brand usually builds its image through advertising by showing the kinds of products they are selling and the kind of image that people will gain if they use their brand. Harley Davidson has been through some very harsh low times in terms of their reputation and performance, but they have been able to revamp that image through their advertisements and by rising through these tough times. They have advertised this image of their brand being premium motorcycle brand with highest innovative technology and they have been successful in placing their brand in the minds of the consumers accordingly as the consumers want themselves to be associated with the brand. This speaks volume about the fact that they have gained high brand equity.

Brand Elements

The iconic logo for Harley Davidson is their biggest identity as the logo has gained its own position in the minds of the consumers. Other than that, their classic black motorcycle is the representation of their brand, even today after so many years. Although many other kinds of bikes are introduced over the years, yet people are able to relate the brand with the iconic black motorcycle.

There is no doubt in the fact that Harley Davidson has very high brand equity, even today when there is so much competition in this industry. It is because of their consistency and commitment to providing according to the needs and demands of the customers.


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