Founded in 1953, The Gul Ahmed Group is a Pakistani company that deals with manufacturing and selling of textile and other home accessories. It is a chain of retail outlets that are now available all over Pakistan and mostly under the name of ‘Ideas by Gul Ahmed’. They deal with manufacturing from cotton yarn to the finished fabric. They also have their own power plant which helps their plants operate without any interruption. Since Gul Ahmed has been in the market for a long time now, they have a certain demands varying in different seasons that they have to fulfill through their production.

Certain factors have contributed towards current brand equity of Gul Ahmed in Pakistani market:

Brand Awareness

Since Gul Ahmed has been there in the market for many decades now, it was one of the pioneer clothing brand that introduced products of traditional Pakistani designs but international quality. While there are so many competitor brands in the market now, Gul Ahmed still remains in the top five, in terms of their quality as well as price. The brand has now entered almost all of Pakistani markets, thus the brand awareness is very high, especially within their target market.

Brand Loyalty

Being one of the oldest fabric producers in the market, Gul Ahmed has been able to maintain their quality and has been consistent with their innovation in designs. This is the reason that they are able to keep their customers involved with their brands for many years now. Most of their customer base is loyal one and specifically with the lawn fever emerging and growing every year, their loyal customers are the ones who increase their demand every year during lawn season.

Brand Image

Gul Ahmed is one of the first composite mills in Pakistan and they have been able to successfully exhibit their image as being the trendsetters in the market. Since many competitors have followed their footsteps but even now, when there are several competitors in the market, Gul Ahmed has maintained its reputation and image and thus their brand equity remains same, if not increased.

Brand Assets

Many other units are associated with the Gul Ahmed Group which obviously depicts that the brand has strong backing and has been growing since its establishment. For instance, Gul Ahmed energy and Habib Metropolitan bank comes under the same Gul Ahmed Group. Their diverse range of product offerings can also be considered their strong asset because they work constantly to develop and improve their product line.

Brand Image

The green color and the logo of the brand are their most prominent identity. Green, being the color of the Pakistani flag as well, represents the brand thus depicting that the brand is very local and Pakistani. Their logo is also very well known among their target market. Although they keep on improving the logo, the basic idea and the color scheme remains the same which can be identified by their customers all over the country and even worldwide.


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