Gillette is a brand of safety razors and other personal care products that are produced under the brand name of Gillette for both men and women. The brand is however owned by Procter & Gamble Corporation. It was founded in 1901 in the United States but the company itself grew and expanded to other countries through these years and now they are able to cater to a wider market. The company has focused on developing and improving the products under the Gillette name over the years and this way they have kept their customers involved.

Since the brand has been in the industry for so long now, it has been able to gain its reputation and maintain its brand equity in the minds of the consumers, but it is because of certain factors like:

Brand Awareness

Through its expansion in other markets and marketing there accordingly, Gillette has been successful in reaching out to a wider market and growing their customer base. Since it is now available worldwide, the brand awareness is very high, among both genders since they cater to both. As of Forbes list released in May 2017, Gillette is ranked at number 29 in the list of World’s Most Valuable Brand. This also shows the extent of brand awareness that is present for Gillette.

Brand Loyalty

Gillette has focused on its strategy of product innovation and used that to advertise in an effective way in order to keep the consumers involved with the brand. Gillette has been able to share a fair share of the market and one of the reasons behind that are their loyal customers. Mostly, their customers have been loyal to the brand for years, and have also transferred this loyal to their next generations, which is why in today’s competitive industry Gillette has been able to secure its rank in the list of valuable brands around the world.

Brand Image

Focusing on product innovation, Gillette has made this image of constantly improving their products. Moreover, it has also been able to depict the image of never compromising on their quality. This is the kind of image that has made them grow their customer base. Because the brand has been in the market for many decades now, the consumers perceive the brand as something they can depend on. Once the gained this image, they have been successfully maintaining it for many years now.

Brand Elements

The brand logo is very much identifiable to most of their customers worldwide. As people are very much aware about the brand, even if they don’t use it, they can identify the brand through this logo. Moreover, their catchy slogans used in advertisements have been able to catch attention of many consumers worldwide and has stayed with them. One of the famous one is ‘The best a man can get’, which targets men for selling of men razors. Since they spend a lot of advertising, they have been able to leave such cues with their customers through which they are able to identify the brand even when the name Gillette is not used in branding.


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