Gatorade dates back to 1965, when this drink was originally made for Florida University’s football team. Gatorade is a company which markets its beverages and food products as being sports products. They are one of the first companies introduced in America which target their products on sports-theme. The Gatorade drink is currently manufactured under the banner of PepsiCo and can be purchased in over 80 countries today.

The brand equity of Gatorade is such that it is associated with anything sporty. Whenever consumers think of any sporting activity, they would associate Gatorade products with them. This kind of perception is what Gatorade was actually aiming for before. There are a few factors that help Gatorade maintain this image in their consumer’s minds:

Brand Awareness

Being a manufacturer of sports-themed products, Gatorade has been successful in marketing in that domain as well. Gatorade markets its products through endorsements by famous athletes around the world. In this way, they are able to rightly place their products in consumer’s minds. Moreover, since these athletes are usually globally known, that increases their reach and awareness around the world. Their brand awareness is very high and it is also very likely that its products are known in parts of the world where it’s not yet introduced.

Brand Loyalty

The brand Gatorade is very popular among the athletes and aspiring athletes. Especially the local players all around the world can be seen associating themselves with the brand. This says a lot about the reach as well as brand equity of Gatorade. Moreover, it also depicts that Gatorade has been successful in gaining the loyalty of the target market that they intended. Through introduction of more products based on the same sports-theme, they are further able to retain the loyalty of consumers and keep them involved with the brand.

Brand Image

Consumers associate the brand Gatorade with anything sporty. This shows that Gatorade has successfully placed their brand in consumer’s minds. Gatorade has developed and then maintained their image. They have constantly worked on this image by sponsoring sports events, endorsing teams, getting endorsed by athletes and selling their products on similar grounds. It is safe to say that Gatorade has been able to sell this image and it adds up to their overall brand equity.

Brand Elements

The packaging as well as their logo is their biggest identity. The logo perfectly depicts their image and represents it in the right way. Moreover, this logo has been in the market for so long now that people can identify the brand endorsing just by seeing the ‘G’ in their logo. This shows that people are now able to easily identify Gatorade even the brand visuals are not explicitly displayed. Thus, Gatorade has been able to gain that brand equity amongst their targeted customers around the world.


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