Garnier is a cosmetics brand that comes under the banner of famous French company L’Oréal. Garnier was introduced in 1904 and since then, it is known to provide skin and hair care products that are efficient and innovative. Garnier is mostly known to include natural and healthy fruits and vegetables in its products to provide the natural beauty care that the consumers need. In this way, they also remain committed to sustainable sourcing and not using any chemicals that can harm the skin and hair of their consumers in the long run.

Garnier is now available and loved worldwide and the reach has increase multiple folds since its introduction and that is why it has gained a very high brand equity, specifically among its target consumers. Some of the following factors can determine that:

Brand Awareness

Garnier is now available worldwide, thus it has expanded and grown in various markets. It has gained a high level of brand awareness around the world and the brand is trusted by thousands of men and women all over the world. These consumers or potential customers are aware of the fact that Garnier is a brand that has been consistent in terms of its quality and the brand can be trusted. These are the reasons why its brand awareness keeps on increasing.

Brand Loyalty

Most of the customers of Garnier are loyal to the brand. There is a high probability that any person who uses the brand once is most likely to buy it again. This is due to the quality of the products that they provide as well as bringing innovation to their products which helps them keep their customers involved with the brand. Moreover, the customers also feel that by connecting to the brand, they are contributing towards reducing ecological impact.

Brand Image

Garnier has worked immensely on its advertising efforts. Specifically designed according to the needs of a particular market, the brand helps the customers connect to the brand by addressing to their beauty needs. Garnier has this image of being environment friendly and providing products that are very close to nature so that customers have this perception that they are using mostly natural products when they are using Garnier. Undoubtedly, Garnier has been successful in maintaining this image and placing their brand’s image in the consumer’s minds just the way they wanted.

Brand Elements

The color schemes that are mostly used in their product packaging as well as their advertisements are usually also close to nature, perfectly depicting the kinds of products they sell. Through these colors and the logo of the brand, customers are able to identify the brand. This speaks volume about the brand equity and the awareness of the brand among the target customers.

Customer Perception

When most of the customers of Garnier think about the brand, they think of all things natural because of the brand being able to convey that image for many years now. This shows that Garnier has been successful in placing their brands in the minds of consumers in the most right way possible.

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