Emirates Airlines is an airline based in Dubai that till date flies to 141 destinations flew its first flight in 1985. Since its establishment, Emirates has been involved in taking small steps to expand and evolve globally. It has influenced and evolved the travel and tourism industry because of their commitment to quality in all these years. They have a fleet of over 265 aircrafts and fly to almost 80 countries around the world. Emirates Airlines is recognized as the Best Airline in the World and the World’s Most Valuable Brand.

All these stats and fact say a lot about the Brand Equity of Emirates Airlines and it is because of the growth that Emirates has achieved and has developed and then maintained its name in the industry.

Brand Awareness

In terms of brand awareness, Emirates Airlines holds the best reputation and which is why it is recognized all around the world and is named as the World’s Most Valuable Brand around the world. Within the past few years, Emirates Airlines has risen up in terms of global ranking and is thus recognized all around the world, specifically within their target market. The value of the brand has grown because the customers have started valuing the brand.

Brand Image

Emirates Airline has grown its value to over 17% in the last year and by looking at its position within the competitors around the world, Emirates Airlines has maintained its brand image and they have been successful in placing their image in the consumer’s mind of being the airline which focuses on quality and customer service. This successful placement of their brand in the consumer’s mind explains their success in the industry.

Brand Loyalty

Emirates Airlines now holds a huge customer base and millions of loyal customers all around the world. Most of their customers or the ideal target market continues using their airline after the first time. This is due to the fact that Emirates has been able to provide the services that they promise to deliver. For instance, the luxurious travel, the unmatchable customer service and all the added services provided to improve the customer experience with Emirates Airlines. Through these improved services, Emirates has been able to retain their loyal customers.

Brand Assets

Throughout the years of their operations, Emirates has expanded its services though expansion in other countries. Emirates Airlines hold a vast fleet of aircrafts that are designed to deliver the luxurious travel experience to their customers. Moreover, the asset of the service industry is their working staff. Emirates Airlines has a huge staff that is dedicated to cater to the needs of their customers and provide them with the world class travel experience. The company encourages the staff through incentives so that they keep on delivering the best quality services as promised by them.

Brand Elements

Emirates Airlines has developed marketing efforts that focus on the theme that they develop. For instance, their campaign called “Hello Tomorrow” highlights that they want to deliver to travelers who want to travel the globe and through Emirates they can achieve that. Moreover, the logo of the brand is recognized by the customers and most of them associate with luxurious travel which means that Emirates has been successful in placing their brand in the consumer’s minds just the way they wanted it to be placed.


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