Brand Awareness

Dove is the brand of Unilever, which aim is to make the world a place, where beat is considered as the source of self-confidence. It is operated in many countries across in the world map, which include, United States, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan etc. It creates the brand awareness by attracting right target audience, and implemented its selected strategies accurately. It has invested in advertisements through television commercials, billboards, awareness programs, sponsoring beauty events etc. The main reason for gaining the differentiated position than competitors in personal health care was the use of unique marketing approach of real beauty. It helped in providing women with the feeling of association and identification with the product and brand without trying it (Brown, 2014). 

Brand Association

Dove associated itself with enhancing the beauty of the women to create self-confidence in them. It connected women with the brand emotionally, that without trying the product, by just looking at the image they are ready to pay more prices for the brand which provide them happiness. It has endorsed many famous celebrities for the promotion, so that their followers could associate the product with their satisfaction. There have been various ad-makeover campaigns and self-esteem programs, which engage consumers. It continuously work hard to add value in the products (Battaggia, 2014).

Brand Asset

Dove deals in skin cleansing- beauty bar, beauty wash and polish, antiperspirant deodorants – clinical protection, stick deodorants, sweating tips and dry spray, skin care- body lotion, hand and face wash, moisturizers, hand, face and body cream, hair care- shampoos, conditioner, serums, dry shampoos, masks, styling products, solutions for frizzy and damaged hair, volumizing products and dandruff solutions and dove collections (Dove, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

For consumers of Dove, fulfillment of commitment and promise made by the brand is very necessary, and Dove is successful in maintaining the image of fulfilling promises. It never disappoint its consumers in terms of quality, reliability and prices. It is able to maintain the position that its customers could easily differentiate it with other brands of the same industry. It deals with consumers by considering their point of view, which helped in gaining the brand equity in the competitive industry. It charges the price by considering the purchasing ability of the people and very realistic in this term (Brown, 2014).

Brand Element

As according to the name Dove has the logo of Dove bird, which reflect on the meaning of flying high that in the corporate world would mean, moving forward or getting success rapidly. Its tagline, “Real beauty from real care” reflects the meaning that Dove is providing the meaning for the real care which enhance the beauty in real terms. It is easily accessible in the countries where it is operating, and its every new product is being advertised on the large scale to make people aware about the product (Battaggia, 2014).


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