This is the detailed brand equity analysis of Dominos which is the famous Pizza brand across the globe.

Brand Awareness

Dominos is the USA based pizza brand, famous for its tasty thin crust pizza. It has very strong brand equity because of its heavy advertisements. It is successful in maintaining efficient supply chain network because of delivery. It has created awareness among consumers through strong commercial ads. It expanded in different countries and spread the word through bill boards, broachers, affordable deals, and sponsoring events. It also allow customer to order online and delivery services has made it famous in different countries (Singh, 2017).

Brand Association

Dominos has endorsed famous celebrities like Eva Longoria, Sarah Hyland, Clark Gregg, and Richard Sherman were some who represented Dominos. Dominos has also done many creative campaigns for promoting their brand. It has gained competitive advantage over its rivals because of its fast delivery, and low cost outlets. In its campaign, shareholders speak about their experience that how they handle the criticism, this helps in connecting people emotionally. Its discounts has also made it famous in the highly competitive market where Papa Jones, and Pizza hut are present. It also launched pizza burger to get more popularity like McDonalds (Bhaisn, 2017).

Brand Asset

It is an American franchise business which offers good menu to survive in the market, and to compete with rivals. Dominos offer pizzas, pastas, bread sticks, cheese dips, beverages, Choco lava cake, chicken wings, and veg and non-veg foods, and pizza burger. It earns by franchising its brand name, which helped it in growing and expanding in different countries across the globe. It has gain much importance because of its discount deals and offers (Dominos, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Dominos is a famous pizza chain across the globe, expanded b franchise. It has a strong force of loyal consumers, because of its taste, menu and deals discounts. This cause people to buy it because it cost cheaper than Pizza hut and other pizza chains. Its fast delivery cause the people to order it whenever they feel hungry. Its pizzas are fresh and according to the promise they made. They offer other things with pizza like pastas and burgers, so that those who do not like pizza could order something else. This purpose was not to lose any consumer and retain the customer base (Bhasin, 2017).

Brand Element

The Blue and red logo with some dots represent the brand. The dots has meaning, as it is a franchise business, it was thought to add a dot whenever new store is opened anywhere. The dot symbolizes the location of the brand. Its tagline, “Oh yes we did” globally, represent the fulfillment of the promise they made with consume, about the fresh and tasty pizza, better than anywhere. Dominos has its own website, which carry all the information related to the brand. It is affordable for consumers, and has strong brand equity (Krishnaswamy, 2017).


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