Brand Awareness

Millions of people are aware about the existence of Walt Disney across the world from their childhood. This is the company which began its operations from cartoon and media production and with the passage of time expanded its product line vertically and horizontally for serving the consumers in better way. People are aware about Disney because of its cartoons, famous among them are Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, snow white, Aladdin, beauty and the beast and many others. Because of its animated movies and remake of them makes the people aware about it and want to visit the place (Haseeb, 2018).

Brand Association

Disney has associated itself with cartoons production and movies, which makes it more recognizable across the globe. Its wonderland of fantasies is successful in being positioned itself in the consumer mind, as one of the best place. And those who never visit the place, wishes to visit it once. It produces hundreds of things which satisfy consumer requirements. It uses advertising campaigns, sales techniques, product mix and other strategies for associating itself closer to the customers (Haseeb, 2018).

Brand Asset

Walt Disney is one of the most recognizable brand across the globe. It has many cartoons which everyone know. There have been many animated movies, and also released its remake by other producers like beauty and the beast, snow white, etc. It’s some of the famous cartoons are frozen, Aladdin, Snow white, Lion King, Mulan etc. It also introduced games and lion king game was famous. It has wonderland place in other countries also (Chan, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Disney has strong and large base of customers, along with millions of products. It has been believed that many consumers are not even aware about its all products. Walt Disney is successfully serving consumers in United States from several years. It was successful in maintaining its profitability and competitiveness level, which attracted many consumers. Every kid is admired with the story of Cinderella and wanted to be like her. This is the emotional attachment with the cartoon. Its promise of the fantasy world has made people to visit the place to get admire by the beauty of the place and the magic it bring (Walt Disney, 2018).

Brand Element

With high level of meaningfulness, likability and memorability, Walt Disney worked hard for making for making its brand successful. The brand name was chosen after its founder’s name, which helped consumers to recall it immediately. Its logo is stylized version or modification in the signature of its founder, which signifies the name of the brand, and promises cheerful, quality and secure mainstream entertainment of America. Its popular character like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse are adored and admired by its fans across the world. Its tagline “where dreams come true” convey the message of having magic which may change the consumer’s life if they entered in the Disney world, which is full of fantasies. It is transferrable across multiple categories. It has protected its logo, symbol and name by registering internationally (Chan, 2018).


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