This is the in-depth brand equity analysis of Dettol which is a famous health card brand and being commonly used by households.

Brand Awareness

Dettol is a hygiene and health care brand for families. It is famous for its antiseptic liquid, which helps in cleaning the germs on wounded areas. Many people are aware about the brand because of its soap, hand wash and liquid, but many people are not aware about its body wash and shaving cream. Furthermore, Dettol has increases the awareness through the activities of Corporate Social Responsibility tasks and projects. It organized several campaigns in school and rural areas, and developed the image that it cares for people and their hygiene. It has done many events with collaborations, this helps in targeting more audience (Editorial Team, 2017).

Brand Association

Dettol has implemented qualitative technique, which involves free association surveys and tasks, like asking participants, what comes in their mind when hearing the name of the brand? How would they personify Dettol? It does not involve any cue or probe. Moreover it associated itself with the emotional feeling and fear, that mother care for their children and choose Dettol to protect them from germs. Dettol has endorsed many famous celebrities like Amitabh Buchan, who was the brand ambassador of the brand. Dettol has associated itself with the health of family. It is perceived as an antiseptic brand (Arasu, 2013).

Brand Asset

Dettol is the only brand of Reckitt Benckiser, which has huge product line. This include antiseptic liquid, liquid hand wash, soaps, hand sanitizers, shaving cream, medicated plasters and body wash.  Antiseptic liquid is widely used by people and then soap, because they have perception that Dettol will help in healing the wound by cleaning it from germs. It generates more profit for the company as compare to others (Lam, 2014).

Brand Loyalty

Dettol has many loyal customers, and it has been found that majority of the consumer buy it once in a month. Mostly customer repeats. More than 70% of people are using it from 7 years of age. It is only because of its effective communication and marketing strategies about the product, which perceived he brand as the most trusted brand which will protect them. It is affordable for people, and operating in the market from many years. This helps in getting the faith of the people easily. Consumer are satisfied with the product and its quality (Arasu, 2013).

Brand Element

The name of the brand Dettol, describe its products, as it means an antiseptic liquid which cleans the wound or infected areas. It has its own website, where all kind of information related to brand is provided which is Blue and Green logo with a sword sows the fighting of the product with the germs. It tagline is “Be 100% sure”, which means that they are sure what they are offering to the consumer. It has different packaging of its product, according to the need of the consumers (Firoz, 2018).


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