Founded in 1984, Dell Inc. is an American multinational computer technology company that deals with the manufacturing, selling, repairing and supporting personal computers and networks. Since the time they started their company to today, with Dell being one of the most known brands in the PC world, they have always kept their focus on commitment to their customers. Today, Dell claims to be the number one in the US market and is available in almost 195 countries around the world. They have also had acquisition and major technology deals with other companies that give them a further push in the market.

Dell has been in the industry for a long time now but it took it a while to actually gain its image and actually develop the kind of perception that they wanted in the consumer’s mind. They have done it through various ways, first by providing the kind of quality that their consumers expect, providing the right amount of reliance and security to their customers through their products. But other than these typical ways of building brand equity, Dell used some other ways as well like building communities on social media. For instance, they have this group called ‘Business Solutions Exchange’ with thousands of members in it from all around the world. Through this group on LinkedIn, they are able to advertise and provide IT solutions to the right market, i.e. their target customers. Most of the members in the group are somehow related to IT and they have productive discussions with each other and at the same time Dell is able to build the right kind of image in their target market. Also, once Dell realized that the group was growing and had a great response, they also marketed it to other social networks in order to attract more of their target market. This kind of brand equity that they have developed in the market definitely provides them benefit in the long run with their target market.

Dell has been rising in terms of brand equity, for instance it rose from fifth to second place in terms of brand equity. According to reports, Dell actually depends on their customers, mostly the loyal ones to carry their image forward and spread the word about them. This keeps their brand equity to evolve and grow and spread through their customers mind. Of course, when their customers are satisfied with their products, they talk positively about the brand. So mostly, Dell focuses on providing the right products according to customers’ demands, which then help them gain their brand identity.

So, since customers rely on their services because of the brand image that they have developed through the years, they have to maintain and keep on developing their brand equity through the products that they provide. So if the company keeps on growing, the brand equity also grows with it.


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