Brand Awareness

Colgate is one of the leading brand, known across the world as the oral care and best toothpaste brand. Almost every person know about it and use it. It involves entire segment of the toothpaste market. It has able to capture almost 50% of the market share. It created its brand awareness through its strong marketing and communication with target audience. It has increased its investment on commercial advertisements, trade spending, creative building of brand, and promotions. It had invested in various marketing campaigns, which involve customer participation physically. And also sponsored many events, so that customers will remember the brand (Morgan, 2015).

Brand Association

Colgate has associated itself with the oral and health care of the consumers, and fir this, it engaged many doctors for recommending their product. It associated its products according to the social class of the consumers. For rich people, it has toothpowder and white crème, whereas for rural class, it has Cibaca toothpaste. It offers various discounts and deals, and certain amount of percentage of discounts, for attracting consumers more. It endorse many famous celebrities, and also mothers to emotionally connect audience with the product (The economic times, 2007).

Brand Asset

Colgate deals both in toothpastes and tooth brushes. Its product portfolios are; Maximum Cavity Protection, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, Colgate Sensitive Original, Colgate Sensitive Multi-protection, Colgate Max-Fresh, Colgate Herbal, Colgate Misvak, Colgate Total, Colgate Advance Whitening, and Sparkle Strong 32. Its tooth brushes are; Colgate SlimSoft, Colgate SlimSoft Charcoal, Colgate 360º Whole Mouth Clean, Colgate 360º Sensitive Pro-Relief, Colgate Navigator, Colgate Twister, Colgate Zigzag, Colgate Kids, Colgate Extra Clean, Colgate Premier Clean, and Colgate Classic Deep Clean. It earns billions of revenue every year, and planning to further extend its product lines (Colgate, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Colgate is successful in making strong and loyal customer base not only in Pakistan, India or Brazil, but also in other countries where it is serving, and planning to serve. Because Colgate is the famous brand which everyone is aware of in the entire world. Consumers are emotionally attach with the brand that they never switch to another substitute like close up and others. They have a concept that if they will switch, their teeth get effected with germs, cavity etc., especially mothers, who consider Colgate bet for their children (Morgan, 2015).

Brand Element

Colgate is the famous brand almost known by everyone across the globe. It has their own website, where it serves to the customers’ complaints and queries. It’s red and white simple logo, describe the simplicity of the product, as it is easy to remember. Its tagline “Number 1 brand recommended by dentist” shows the reliability of the brand, it serves for the customer health, and never fails to disappoint consumers with quality. It is considered as one of the best brand, because it always keep its promises (Colgate, 2018).


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