Brand Awareness

Cadbury is the market oriented business, which has the loud voice to tell people about its existence. It exist in the market for almost 200 years, and innovate new and different taste for the chocolate lovers. It has strong marketing strategies which do not leave a single place for not promoting its brand and products. It is involved in various marketing campaigns for different age groups, as every age of people are chocolate lovers. They communicate with people through television, radios, newspapers, sponsoring events, billboards and many others (Cadbury, 2018).

Brand Association

Cadbury is greatly associated with its most famous product Dairy milk. There are many kids who are not aware about the Cadbury, but they love dairy milk. It endorsed many famous celebrities in its commercials, and most of its ads connect audience emotionally. Every product has individual commercial, as dairy milk attract the happy moments, whereas jellies ad connect kids. Cadbury further expanded itself geographically, and target every segment with different products. It is one of the most successful brand of the world, which every individual know about (Bartleby, 2018).

Brand Asset

Cadbury has the successful product portfolio, among which the higher revenue is generated from dairy milk chocolate. It has extended the line of dairy milk with different variants. It has chocolates, chocolate milk powders, jellies, toffees, and drinks. They have extended the line in every category and has many different packaging. Its marketing campaigns helped it in gaining much revenue every year (Cadbury, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Cadbury has many loyal customers from every age group, because it positioned itself not only for kids, but for adults too. The huge loyal customers are mainly for dairy milk, and for retaining and attracting new customer base, Cadbury innovate and bring new flavors with dairy milk, like Oreo, silk chocolate, almonds, hazel nuts and fruits. For proofing the fact of targeting all facts, it started the campaign of “real taste of life”. It targets the major festivals and events. Its quality never disappoint people and helped in retaining the customers (Bapna, 2013).

Brand Element

Cadbury’s famous tagline “kuch meetha hojae” connect the viewers emotionally and give the message of eating dairy milk at the joyous moments and family events. The purple color is very eye catching and attract the attention of kids a lot. Purple is he color which will look good with other colors, and a color of happiness and joy. It is easily accessible in countries it is serving. It products never get short and it give itself to make customers satisfied with its products and taste. It continuously changes its packaging to attract customers, as with same packaging they might get bore. But its background always remain the same color, i.e. purple (Cadbury, 2018; Bartleby, 2018).


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