Brand Awareness

Burger King is working under the Restaurant Brands International architecture from almost 60 years and is successful in making its distinctive position in the market, and industry. It is emerged as one of the biggest fast food and hamburgers restaurant chain. The quick service of the restaurant have high degree of brand awareness because of its innovative and famous products like Whopper, Hamburger, and many others. The menu is helping the company getting large market share. It controls the cost for gaining high profit, but do effective advertisement, to remind people about its existence (Bhasin, 2018).

Brand Association

Just like its name, Burger King associated itself as the king of the burgers provided by competitors, in the mind of consumers. Its tempting advertisements shows the freshness of the juicy burger which make people force to try its burger. Its prices are competitive and to be able to survive in the market with good profit, it has franchised its name, because attracting new customers is difficult because of the presence of many competitors.

Brand Asset

Burger King deals in burgers hamburgers, beverages, and fries. It offers a full meal. Its secret recipe of sauces and patty is the biggest asset. And has over 100 restaurants worldwide. Almost 99% of its outlets has been franchised, which are almost 15000 and the remaining 1% is company owned. The biggest asset of the company is its customers. It competes on the basis convenience, service and quality with the competitors. It owns more than 4600 trademarks of burger king and more than 1000 domain registered under its name across the world.

Brand Loyalty

Consumers of the Burger King are mostly those who loves to enjoy the safe, fresh and tasty beverages and fast foods. And hence, burger king provide same to retain their customer base. Many consumers of Burger King are between the age group of 14-15 to 40 years. Almost every age of customer visited Burger King. Burger King offers various discounts and deals to retain its customers, and attract new customers. Its famous hamburgers and whooper has helped in gaining the huge target customers. Moreover, it implement new techniques and strategies along with many various marketing campaigns in which different age groups are targeted (Upadhyay, 2017).

Brand Element

Logo of the burger king is simple, by written the name under the splitted burger, helps in easily remember by the audience. The tagline of “have it your way” represent that the burger and taste will be same as they want. It has many stores across the globe, so easily accessible for everyone. Name is easy to memorize, and reminders have been sent to make it fresh in the consumer minds. Convenience increase the customer satisfaction level (Bhasin, 2018).


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