Brand Awareness

Burberry is the leading brand for outerwear, recognized internationally for both women and men. Burberry has built its brand for exploring, inspiring and protecting. These are the main core ethics which remains the central point of the brand and create awareness on the basis of this. By its activities and practices, it tries to make loud voices among people, because it believes in the phrase “action speaks louder than words”. It has positioned itself among the consumer mind as one of the reliable brands like Louis Vuitton, Armani, etc. It use billboards, television, and social media as the communication channels for creating awareness (Burberry, 2018).

Brand Association

The Burberry check pattern has gained immense popularity that many celebrities, politicians, movie stars, explorers and socialites followed this checker print. Hence, it associated itself with superiority, and luxury.  Emma Watson was endorsed by Burberry, who has the huge fan following. This helps the brand getting more customers, as they believe if their favorite celebrity is using, they must also use it (Buckley, 2015). It conducted various fashion shows, editorial placements, and advertisings, to be get closer with the target audience. Its all marketing activities are handled and conducted by London (Berglund, 2016).

Brand Asset

The Burberry garments line is its biggest assets which lies in famous patterns of checks. The Burberry pattern of checks was launched as the linings in its trench signature coat, and hence became the registered trademark of the brand. It offers, clothing, bags, scarves, accessories, shoes, makeup, gifts, and fragrances for women, men and children (Burberry, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Burberry has very loyal customer base, which do not switch to other brands. These customers mostly associate the brand with the status and consider its quality with every single penny they are spending as an investment. Burberry has worked hard to get itself ranked among the top brands of the world like Hermes, Gucci, Channel and many others. It continuously innovate and bring new designs in the market, by keeping the check pattern as the trademark, and this confidence attracted many new and potential customers towards the brand (Burberry, 2018).

Brand Element

The logo vector of Burberry, with a horse, and rider with an arrow means forward. Which shows that Burberry never stops to get success and grow (Famouslogos, 2018). It is the global brand and easily available in different countries, with all its new collections. It is considered as one of the reliable and most credible brand. Its pattern helps it in gaining the competitive advantage over its competitors, because of distinct nature. It is different in terms of quality, as it consider classicism, functionality, and appearance of outfit the main consideration, along with the design and best fabrics (Paarup, 2015).


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