Brand Awareness

Britannia is one of the largest company in India, deals in dairy and bakery products. It is the leader of biscuit manufacturing in India, with having almost 35% of market share. It is ranked among top ten most trusted brands (Bureau, 2017). It worked on its marketing and promotion tools to make sure consumer can easily recall the products, when they think about biscuits or dairy products, and easily remember the logo of the company. It has positioned itself in terms of quality, price, taste, healthy, reliability and with the time of refreshments (Britannia, 2018).

Brand Association

Britannia has associated itself with trust, quality, reliability, and broad portfolio of the products. Many Britannia consumers associate it with cricket, world cup, children’s IQ, and Sourabh gangly. This represent the upper level of consumers and brand is successful in positioning itself at high level. It has maintained a good image and maintain the quality. It advertised itself with jingles for targeting children, so that with the rhythm, they can easily remember the brand. It has made its unique position in the market, and consider the retaining of quality, and consumer the main factor (Bhasin, 2017).

Brand Asset

Britannia has broad range of product portfolio, and during all time, it focused on expansion. It focused more on line extension. It manufacture cookies- full of nutrition of wheat with butter and milk, tigger biscuits rich in glucose- this is the largest brand in the portfolio of Britannia and has 14 variants, Good day is the fastest growing biscuit brand and cookies’ leader with 15 variants, 50:50 is the family crackers with amazing taste and has 3 variants, milk with 2 variants, yogurt with 3 variants, butter and ghee with 4 variants (Britannia, 2018).

Brand Loyalty

Britannia has strong and loyal customer data base, who do not switch to other alternatives. This could be because of taste, and many years of association. This loyalty of consumers is more for premium products such as low profile or low cost products. The consumption of Britannia’s products is from many years, many people tried other brands too, but never stopped consuming Britannia. Its brand loyalty is mostly based on the flavor and taste, then reliability and quality. 50 50 is still famous and remember by many elders who once consumed it in childhood or teenage (Chamikutty, 2012).

Brand Element

The red Britannia written logo is simple and easy to memorize by the audience. The tagline of “eat healthy, think better” clearly reflect on its objective of providing healthy and fresh products to consumers and emotional concept of having concern of consumers. It is easily accessible in various stores and markets, and affordable for consumers. It target all segments of consumers and consider the market leader (Bhasin, 2017).


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